Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment Shopify App

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Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment
“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”
– Henry David Thoreau

Shopify Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment for faster and accurate orders shipping

  • Faster and automated shipping
  • Easy and fast delivery across globe
  • Seamless inventory and order management
  • Accurate and timely shipping
  • Business process optimization
  • Simplified integration with Amazon FBA

Want an easy Access to Amazon FBA for your Store?


How to use Enormous Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment Resources without Selling on Amazon!

Undoubtedly! Impressed with accuracy and timely delivery of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and yet not sure about selling on Amazon and fulfill by the marketplace on account of high referral fee and prohibited access to customer data on it. With Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment while selling on Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and other stores, it is possible for you to leverage unlimited benefits of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). However, it is not the shipping of orders there are several other additional functional and operational efficiencies that an eCommerce company acclaims after integrating Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment. Benefits of Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment are huge.

Complete Inventory Control

Auto Multi Channel fulfillment by the medium of storage, packaging and shipping all at Amazon Fulfillment Centers offers unparallel control over inventory where all the things can be managed and tracked from same place.

Minimizes the risk of losing Business

Multi-channel fulfillment offers cover and protection against the Amazon stringent seller policy where a well established businesses on Amazon can be suspended for no reasons including fake reviews by competitors.

Access to Enormous Amazon FBA Resources

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) with massive resources and brand value through its huge fulfillment centers across 73 locations world over offers a seller an opportunity to have its product a global reach in terms of shipping and delivery.

Brand Recognition & Trust

While shipped and delivered through Amazon FBA, a label of trust and authenticity get automatically attached with products delivered under Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment program.

Always open to branding and Promotion

The customer data still remained intact and in a seller’s access, he can pitch new product, services and offers to its client directly through e-mail list that otherwise earlier were not available only by selling on Amazon.

Increased Sales and Revenue

Enhanced customer satisfaction in wake of controlled inventory and timely and accurate delivery adds to repeat orders and streamlined business processes. This results into valuable increased sales and revenue.

Efficiency and Performance Optimization

With syncing and sharing of inventory and order data between Shopify and Amazon in real time the process efficiency increases synonymously saving valuable business and system’s time.

Competitive Multi Channel Fulfillment Fees

The fees charged by Amazon FBA for auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment competitively are far affordable and simpler than the 3PL logistics companies. The fee diminishes as far as number of orders increases.

Unlimited Storage Space

Adequate storage space for a growing business whose orders are growing day-by-day. The orders are fulfilled as soon as they are received by the Fulfillment center.

Hence, Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment is the best solution to effective fulfills orders from Shopify. Various sellers consider Amazon just like a marketplace but Amazon’s multi-channel fulfillment service is one of the best ways through which you can score more sales and manage stock as per shipping demands.


How simply does FBA Multi-Channel Fulfillment work to ship Shopify orders?

With all the benefits and advantages calculated, the success of Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment lies in the fact that how does it works for a Shopify store to ship orders. The core to entire exercise is the integration established between a Shopify Store and Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Amazon has more than 100 Fulfillment centers globally and the numbers are increasing day-by-day. Integration between Shopify and Amazon Fulfillment is coordinated by two methods.
Shopify Built-in Fulfillment

Shopify’s built-in Fulfillment by Amazon integration is provided and offered to Amazon Marketplace Accounts for United States and Canada based on the store currency.

Shopify Third Party Integration App

Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment App by WebBee offers an automated integration with Amazon FBA beyond American and Canada Marketplace for fulfillment centers in countries like:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom,
  • Germany,
  • France,
  • Italy,
  • Spain
  • Australia and
  • Japan
  • Mexico

After the successful integration between Shopify and Amazon FBA, every order is passed on to Amazon fulfillment center along with shipping address. The ordered item already in the fulfillment center hence is packed and shipped by Amazon staff. The package is tracked and customer notifications are sent out from there. In mean time, the real time shipping rates are also calculated by the system itself.

Overall, the efficient and accurate Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment service, whether, it be Shopify Built-in Fulfillment or Auto MultiChannel Fulfillment App offers performance and sales related benefits like.

  • Increases retention and customer satisfaction
  • Focus upon business development, marketing and sales
  • Better optimized inventory and order management
  • Accurate and faster delivery
Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment App by WebBee, the most Accomplished Amazon Integration App

The goal and objective of efficiency driving and growth generating Shopping orders shipping is incomplete unless orders are delivered accurately across all marketplaces by Shopify Automatic Fulfillment.

For Amazon fulfillment integration Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment App not only facilitates fulfillment in market places beyond Canada and USA market but also sync inventories and order between Amazon and Shopify in real time.

What distinguishes Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment App from other apps?

Amazon fulfillment App from WebBee has some unique features that make the fulfillment simplified and easy.

Full Control over Inventory

The real time syncing of orders and inventory from Shopify and Amazon allows a seller to have full control over upon inventory.

Simple and Easy to Use

The App has simple and easy to use centralized dashboard with step wise configuration features.

Inventory and Order Management

While importing inventory from Amazon and orders from Shopify this App helps to keep track of status of a stock from a single localized position.

SKU and Bundle Mapping

Multi Channel fulfillment by Amazon offers mapping between SKUs between Amazon FBA and Shopify. It is further featured for bundling of SKUs for festive occasions and discount offers.

Partial Tracking

The app sends shipping status of an order after being fulfilled through e-mail to customer that have ordered to buy products from Shopify store.


The app is enabled not only for sending notifications to about shipping status but also inform a seller about out of stock quantity, fulfillment location, unmapped SKUs and other

Fulfillment at Different Market Places

Contrary to Shopify Built-in Amazon Fulfillment that fulfills only in Unites States and Canada this app offers fulfillment across United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan and Mexico.

Why Should you Choose Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment App by WebBee
There are many reasons that a smart seller should opt for Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment App by WebBee for seamless integration and data sharing between Shopify and Amazon for faster fulfillment and shipping. Along with robust fulfillment some other exceptional benefits offered by Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment App are like:
Faster, Efficient and Scalable Fulfillment

Automated and faster shipping by the help of Amazon fulfillment app makes overall fulfillment process faster and efficient. A must buy app for small businesses that have rapidly growing numbers of orders daily.

Competitive Fulfillment Fee and Shipping Rates

The app provides an easy access and calculation of competitive Shipping rates of Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment in real time for preferred shipping time.

Accurate and Timely Delivery

Amazon fulfillment app enhances the efficiency of shipping process many times with accurate data processes by automating the entire system in absence of manual data entry.

User Friendly and Easy

A very simple and easy to use App anyone without many efforts can download and instantly begin using this app. the app has straight away usability factors and features.

SKU and Bundle Mapping

A special feature of the Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment App the SKU are mapped between Amazon and Shopify and items are bundled for discount offers and special promotional schemes thus improves cart value to a greater extent.

Inventory and Order Management

With all the information available at a place it becomes quite easy to manage inventory and orders effectively.

Customer Services

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment not only ensures efficient shipping but also handles customer care queries about shipping status.

Increased Sales and Revenue

With timely and accurate fulfillment leading to higher customer satisfaction levels with increased number of repeat orders sales and revenue of a company increases many times.

Multi Channel Fulfillment (MCF) OR Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), let us explain you the difference between them?

While choosing the Auto MultiChannel Fulfillment App, it is very necessary to distinguish between Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment.

Fulfilling Orders with Amazon Fulfillment App

Whenever an order is placed through the different sales channels, the seller must use a web form to inform the Amazon about everything.

Go to the seller account page and tap on the “All inventory” option. After that, you have to choose the “Create Fulfillment order” link. For order fulfillment, you have to upload all the relevant transaction info, shipping address, shipping method, and other prominent details. Sellers can upload bulk orders without worrying about anything.

But with Auto Multichannel Fulfillment App the entire fulfillment process gets automated and there is no requirement for filling order information manually at professional seller account.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment by Amazon is a special fulfillment service for shipping the orders for products sold solely on Amazon website or marketplace. Under FBA, sellers store their merchandise in an Amazon Fulfillment Center and Amazon handles the responsibilities of packaging, shipping and maintaining the orders.

Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment

On the other hand, Multi Channel Fulfillment orders are also handled in the same way by the Amazon Fulfillment Center, however, the main difference lies with origin of orders to be shipped under Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment. Contrary to FBA, the MCF orders come from other sites like Shopify integrated with Amazon FBA for order fulfillment.

The Auto Multichannel Fulfillment App by WebBee integrates Amazon and Shopify for fulfillment under MCF, though, a seller should have Fulfillment by Amazon Account itself.

The procedure which is followed by professional seller account holders:

  • a) First of all, the professional seller account holder has to create a listing on Amazon.
  • b) After that, the seller has to select a date in which items have to be shipped and also register at Amazon Fulfillment Center.
  • c) Then the seller’s inventory is received at the fulfillment center. When seller utilizes Amazon services for storing, packaging, shipping, the items will not appear on the Amazon website, in fact, they will only be seen on the third-party website which is already owned by the seller.
Client Testimonial (Mark Smith)

Tried and Tested Solution! I highly recommend WebBee FBA Fulfillment Shopify app to all merchants who run online eCommerce business. Really! My business is growing rapidly. Now, Amazon pick, pack and ship my orders to customers. I really appreciate the work of WebBee Global for making such an outstanding solution. My hat’s off to you guys!

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon FBA is fulfillment service consisted of steps of packing, shipping and delivery for sales order generated restrictively on Amazon through a seller account.

Though facilitated by Amazon FBA, Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment is packing, shipping and delivery of sales order generated on third party stores like Shopify, BigCommerce other than Amazon.

The Amazon FBA services restrictively implies to fulfillment of sales order on Amazon, whereas, Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment (MCF) caters to orders received on third party stores like Shopify and BigCommerce.

Amazon fulfillment centers are massive and huge Amazon facilitated warehouse, where items inventory is stocked and for an appropriate sales order is packed, shipped and delivered to a customer’s address by Amazon staff.

Auto Multi Channel Fulfilment is a point-to-point integration app offered by WebBee global to make Shopify order fulfilment process by Amazon FBA automated, sync and faster.

Yes, along with having a sing up on Shopify, it is necessary for a Shopify store owner to have Amazon seller account as well.

Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment app is at present is focused upon providing automated and faster fulfilment of orders on Shopify and BigCommerce.

Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment offered for BigCommerce and Shopify eCommerce platforms streamlines inventory, order and fulfillment processes for the eCommerce platform owners.

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