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Order Management Software

Timely generation of invoicing and payment accelerates assured order and billing management capabilities. When integrated with your finances, sales and fulfilment, it gives you a holistic picture of your business. Automation improves accuracy, leaves no probability of error, and strengthens the revenue recognition process.

WebBee’s customized concept of ‘design anywhere, build anywhere, sell anywhere’ has gained prominence, and is currently giving competition to other organizations to transform their business models.

WebBee brings you an affordable solution to automate and streamline your order-to-cash processing. Our customized Order Management software manages the following: –

  • Sales & Customers
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Multi-currency Accounting
  • Marketplaces & Ecommerce
  • Inventory & Vendors
  • Workflow Optimization

What you can achieve from WebBee’s Order Management

Pricing Management

  • Omni-channel pricing management model optimizes profitability
  • Centrally defined/managed multi-currency pricing models,
  • Dollar and percentage discounts,
  • Promotion codes and transaction level gross profit analysis in near real-time.
Subscribing to WebBee’s ERP integrated native e-commerce, assures customers being charged with right price in real-time.

Sales Order Management

  • Automated order-to-cash flow to deliver on-time.
  • WebBee’s advanced Order Management provides a clear visibility into the process.
  • Transparent in handling exceptions leading to customer satisfaction.

Gross Profit Analysis

  • Optimize profitability on every order in real-time with our gross profit analysis functionalities.
  • Availability of real-time costing and instant gross profit allows commissions calculations based on sales performances.

Work Flow Approvals

  • Customized business flow design
  • Monitoring tools capable of defining workflow approvals via drag-n-drop interface
  • Workflow capable of interacting with other transactions, forms, and records.
  • Easy handling of complex multi-tiered approvals of hierarchies and real-time monitoring and implementation
  • Easy to configure to execute operations in the organizations of all level and sizes.
  • Define user permissions and the next logical step is performed at the click of a button.

Returns Management

  • Simplified Return processes.
  • Return item authorization feature is integrated into customer support area
  • Easily tracks recurring issues and provide strategic insights through dashboard analytics.

Customer Refund Management

  • Quick Refunds after verification
  • user-friendly menu for optimal result
  • The refunds are executed via cheque or a credit card refund charge.


Enhanced Cash-flow

Simple, easy automated order-to-cash processing enhances your cash flow.

Enhanced Cash-flow

Use sophisticated rules to find the optimal shipping location.

Minimizes the Shipping Costs

Ship from the nearest location capable to meets your customers’ delivery expectations.

Reliable Business Partner

Ensure customers satisfaction via getting engaged with native CRM functionality.


WebBee offers you an effective Order Management coupled with integration capabilities across platforms. It provides unifying trendy technology to our customers to enhance the relatively mature business process.


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