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WebBee Order Management

Order Management Software

Automate and streamline your order-to-cash processing with WebBee Global’s customized integrated solutions. Our customized capabilities eliminate manual bottlenecks, establish smooth sales and execute order fulfilment processing.

Timely generation of invoicing and payment accelerates assured order and billing management capabilities integrating your finances, sales and fulfilment. This improves accuracy, leaving no probability of error, strengthening the revenue recognition process efficiency.

WebBee’s customized concept of ‘design anywhere, build anywhere, sell anywhere’ are gaining prominence, and competition driving the organizations to transform their business models.


Pricing Management

Our Omni-channel pricing management model optimizes profitability via centrally defined/managed multi-currency pricing models, across all channels ensures consistency and accuracy.

Our embedded eCommerce ERP integrated capabilities establish multiple price levels, customers, and currency specific pricing, dollar and percentage discounts, promotion codes and transaction level gross profit analysis in near real-time.

Subscribing to WebBee’s ERP integrated native e-commerce, assures customers being charged with right price in real-time.

Maintain multiple price levels and currencies with multiple quantity breaks defined at the item level. Respective price level can be defaulted with a discount or mark-up to the base price and overridden as per the business requirements. At the global level, international pricing strategy can be defined for respective currency with full control.

Key Potentials-

  • Lead time optimization
  • Building a customized view
  • No probability of error exists
  • 99.99 % Up Time
  • Multiple price breaks
  • Assign price levels to different channels and customers
  • Real-time pricing updates across all channels
  • Discount or mark-up options
  • Native Promotions Management
  • User defined discount codes with in-line sub-totals
  • Easy centralized promotion management
  • Reduces the Order to Ship time-frame
  • Item and Order Based promotions
  • Marketing Campaigns and Special Offers
  • Easy real-time pricing updates with previews
  • Automate transitions from quote to order to ship
  • Easy efficient RMA Management
  • Portal support for afterhours support and processing
  • routine frequent Backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • integrate with CRM
  • Re-pricing rules on identifying items
  • Account updating and multiple payment methods
  • Anywhere, anytime information accessibility
  • Bank-Level Security
  • Define workflows for rule-based transitions
  • Extended Context & Multi-Channel Integration
  • Issue monitoring and tracking identifying possible design flaws
  • Easy transition from opportunities to fulfilment
  • Integrated information availability
  • Automate refund process
  • Ensures procedural compliance with workflow approvals
  • No LOSS of Data

Sales Order Management

Automate entire order-to-cash flow optimizing processes to deliver on-time. WebBee’s advanced order management capabilities like the process of taking, scheduling, approving, tracking, fulfilling orders of your business provide a clear visibility into the process. Such automation and transparency in handling exception lead to customer satisfaction.

Gross Profit Analysis

Optimize profitability on every order in real-time with our gross profit analysis functionalities. The cost of an item can be established via multiple ways. Approvals can be triggered as per company policy. The Real-time costing and instant gross profit information availability allow calculating commissions based on sales performances.

Work Flow Approvals

WebBee customizes business flow, optimizing easy to use workflow design & monitoring tools capable of defining workflow approvals via drag-n-drop interface. The WebBee NetSuite workflow tools are capable of interacting with other transactions, forms, and records. This enables easy handling of complex multi-tiered approvals of hierarchies and real-time monitoring and implementation of approved policies.

WebBee’s order management is easy to configure to execute operations in the organizations of all level and sizes.

In the bigger firms where various users are involved in the processing, and fulfilling orders those duties are easily segregated. But, smaller organizations may have same person quoting, entering orders, invoicing, and processing shipping paperwork. This can be handled simply by defining user permissions and the next logical step is performed at the click of a button.

Returns Management

Our dedicated support and communication throughout the execution of the process simplify returns processes.

When customers return a product, then effective communication mentioning the clear steps in the process of return need to be efficiently communicated. Return item authorization feature is integrated into customer support area and is often kicked off and managed through the support/case management area. This easily tracks recurring issues over the time and offers a strategic insight to easily track recurring issues over time and provide strategic insights through dashboard analytics.

Customer Refund Management

When RMA number has been assigned, it’s imperative to identify the next steps, whether they have to be advanced ship a replacement, ship upon return, return for investigation/ repair or issue a refund. In all cases, user-friendly menu ensures the optimal result. The refunds are executed via cheque or a credit card refund charge.


Enhanced Cash-flow

  • Simple, easy automated order-to-cash processing enhances your cash flow.

Ensure Timely Delivery

  • Use sophisticated rules to find the optimal shipping location.

Minimizes the Shipping Costs

  • Ship from the nearest location capable to meets your customers’ delivery expectations.

Reliable Business Partner

  • Ensure customers satisfaction via getting engaged with native CRM functionality.


An effective order management requires a significant enterprise system enablement and tightly coupled integration across the platform. The next-generation systems include mobility and Big Data customer interface and decision support respectively, without disrupting the conventional system requirements.

To surface relatively mature business process, WebBee’s order management integration differentiates business outcomes by providing leveraging unifying trendy technology to our customers.