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Merchant Centres

Merchant Centres Services

Merchant Centers is a platform on the search engine for uploading products, used for shopping, product ads and other commerce searches. Merchant center is a good tool to increase traffic, maximize the customer base, increase sales on your website, and tap the global market.

With WebBee Global Merchant Center shopping, customers can easily locate products on Google and Bing. As a seller, Google and Bing provides the following advantages:

  • Pull Potential Buyers
  • Manage & Control your product information
  • Retain accuracy and integrity of product information
  • Enable you to reach shoppers while customers explore items
  • Enable customers to search for items they looking for

With WebBee Google and Bing feed, you can integrate your store and update product listing. This will enhance the product visibility and brand promotion. Reach our to millions of customers in the unexplored markets present globally and increase your profits by partnering with us.

Google Feed

Google Merchant Center is a tool mainly used to upload your store and product data to Google, assuring its availability at Google Shopping and other Google services. The seller can easily locate products from the uploaded stores on google, accelerating business ROI.

Google feed allows customers to send product information from respective customers website to be used for Google Shopping and Google Product Ads which is collectively known as Google Merchant Center.

Bing Feed

Bing Merchant Center enables catalog creation, including images, price, and other related information regarding the products, such that products get displayed on the Bing and visible to the wider market.

Product Ads pulls inventory from the catalogs submitted at Bing Merchant Center by the seller. Product Ads permit the customer to include details of the product like image and price, ads, providing key information regarding the latest product offers. This helps customers to perform an informed decision before clicking on the ads, this often improves the conversions between the seller and the buyer.


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