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Marketplaces Integration

Our Marketplaces integrations emerging as a preferred way of dealing with the new cross-channel e-trade challenges. Our customized solution enables traditional distributors in the competitive world of e-commerce via broadening product ranges, bringing business profitability.

Shipstation Integration

Our ShipStation ERP Connector empowers the e-tailers to operate through multiple shipping channels, facilitating hassle free shipment. With Such high-quality interaction with your marketplaces, carts and 3PLs are capable of handling multiple orders, multiple stores, and processing millions of shipping labels, All your operations are automated.

EBay Integration.

WebBee integrates eBay platform flawlessly and our Connector provides the functionalities of Order/Fulfillment and Product Sync. The eBay platform processes profound visibility across 150+ countries, hence, its integration provides a massive online exposure for the retailer’s stock products optimizing the business outcomes. Our integration automates entire processes of the business in real-time, such as inventory, orders, product management, shipping, tracking, etc., effectively saving time and money. Expand the functionality of base connector via imbibing paid Add-ons for eBay Motors, Multiple eBay Account setup, and HTML templates.

Amazon Integration

Effectively saves business resources mainly time and money, our intuitive solution capably brings all your Amazon information successfully into a single platform Including Order/Fulfillment and Product Sync. The automatic synchronization of Amazon store brings following benefits:

  • Cart Abandonment
  • Seamless Integration
  • Single inventory feed
  • Predictive technology
  • Map a merchant account with a payment gateway.
  • Fraud management and merchant accounts services
  • Simplify payment
  • Merchant e-Solutions
  • One-to-one personalization

Shopify Integration

Shopify connector is an e-commerce single-point platform solution to integrate business. We combine Shopify e-commerce platform collaboratively exchanging an integrated information. The generation of such compiled consolidated inventory-status in near real-time scenario leads to accurate information, consequently, optimizing business outcomes.

Our solution interface is easy to deploy, fast, and proficient in rendering authentic information, with little or zero maintenance overhead. This kind of time-saving, flawless integration enables a business environment where the customer can concentrate on core business activities, increasing profit.

WooCommerce Integration

WebBee WooCommerce connectors provide custom integration. Our business-specific customization of the e-commerce platform is the backbone of any business. We incorporate social commerce and buying process, bringing unique meaningful engagement interactions with your customers via automating the following:

  • Live listing and simultaneous schedule ending
  • Sync Customers, orders, & fulfillment
  • Support multiple warehouses
  • Support partial fulfillment of sales orders
  • Automatically transfers product information, pricing and SKUs

Magento Integration

WebBee Magento connector allows you to seamlessly transfer and import past-purchase information from Magento consisting complete order history and specific product purchased details. This creates ultra-targeted, personalized communication and cross-channel marketing.

Our unified single-point platform capably integrates your business e-commerce ecosystem, reducing the investment cost and maximizing the ROI. We enable you to meet the business goals. Our smart strategy works on factors like the pattern of demand, the total cost of ownership, and transformation costs, etc. analyzing the business-specific potential solution, predictably.


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