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WebBee Global Magento Integration

WebBee Global Magento Integration

Accelerating Commerce via integrating with eCommerce!

Our main objective is to enhance your business by integrating Magento with ERP solution, leading to optimize business productivity.

WebBee Global Magento connector for ERP software is one of the top most promising e-commerce platforms for merchants. It is designed to imbibe an efficient business-specific customization.

Targeting optimization of eCommerce sales and integration, WebBee Global Magento connector accommodates a wealth of intuitive enriched insight regarding customers, what they’re buying.

The customers business requirements can be gauged and handled by personalized messages depending on their past buying behaviour, resulting to optimized business outcomes. Retailers can execute their eCommerce business efficiently, and streamline back office operations effectively, focusing on core business productivity.

WebBee Global Magento connector permits you to seamlessly import and export past-purchase information from Magento into the ERP Platform. This is inclusive of full order history and particular product purchased details, ultra-targeted and personalized communication with cross-channel marketing.


Real-Time Synchronization

  • Complete historical customer and order details
  • Intuitively tracks and saves website’s browser behaviour and social profiles
  • Enterprise loyalty, custom attributes and segment mappings
  • Wish-lists, cart contents and reviews
  • Resolving and importing the dependencies
  • Tax & Payment mapping and shipping-carrier mapping
  • Import the partners and the addresses book, categories of products with translations, customer groups, and the sales orders

Order Import with Conversion Tracking

  • Seamlessly import the past-purchase information consisting of the entire order history and product details for the targeted marketing campaign.

Catalogue Management

  • Manage and control the catalogue details like description, images, name, price, variants in ERP software and allows connector to reflect those changes on every platform.

Centralized Order Management

  • Synchronizes sales order with custom field via online stores in ERP account. Also, triggers the process of fulfilment within few minutes from the receipt of the order.

Fulfilment Management

  • Transfer shipment tracking details like delivery expected, consignment number, & personalized message from ERP system to online store, keeping customer informed about every stage

Inventory Management

  • Ensure inventory level updates on online stores as well as in the ERP system when order is confirmed or cancelled. Manage available products and does not show out of stock range for selling to any customer.

Customer Mapping

  • Empowers e-commerce firms to map customer details like buying history, identifies repeat customer, name, address, custom fields, customer overview & Synchronized mapped details from store to ERP system.

Multi-Channel E-Commerce

  • Empowers E-commerce firms to sell on several online platforms without bothering about inventory or product management; critical factor in scaling E-commerce business

Dash Board

  • Manage connector functionalities via mobile & multiple browsers, user-friendly dash board hosted on Amazon server providing Bank Level Encrypted security

Sales Analytics

  • Export custom report on Sales Order, Customer, Inventory, and Build Business Intelligence to drive sales to automate marketing campaigns & boost presence among online shoppers

WebBee Global is an experienced business solution provider, who can harness the immense potential of ERP solutions and Magento integration, to meet the specific needs.

WebBee Global goes beyond the usual, it is a one–stop-solution for resolving all business integration challenges. We understand and realize your business needs and go an extra mile for improvising your ERP-Magento connectivity, with exclusive customization.

Our integration offers a complete automated business process, saving time and money. Our services shield your business from the data loss or data breaches; enabling business expansion and retaining business continuity.


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