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NetSuite has changed e-commerce completely. NetSuite connectors have simplified the multitude of business processes that have earlier been a nightmare. One of the key elements of integrating connectors is NetSuite SuiteScript, which enables providers to enhance customizations for personalized business solutions. WebBee is a highly experienced and expert NetSuite SDN partner, renowned for its excellent on-on-one eCommerce connectors that are tailored especially for each individual enterprise. Most NetSuite eCommerce operators use connectors as a general and one-for-all solution, failing to realize that this process is far more complex and is more than the standard supply chain management issue. WebBee is one such operator, who goes beyond the usual parameters and uses advanced NetSuite SuiteScript to create and develop rapid and flexible business applications.

Amazon, eBay, Magento, etc all have different fulfillment, which makes integration processes difficult and this is more true for any enterprise that has its own business systems. NetSuite e-commerce connectors are made to fulfill these requirements, which include inventory, CRM, e-marketing, financials, shipping and much more. However, more often than not, enterprises are faced with NetSuite connectors that seem rigid and are not perfectly suited for their personal ecommerce integrations. WebBee understands this and levers the numerous benefits of NetSuite SuiteScript to formulate totally new applications or maximize NetSuite connectors to cover all current business needs. NetSuite SuiteScript provides unlimited virtual customizations and cloud application constructions, which are totally maximized by WebBee to give you a unique NetSuite eCommerce connector, as against a standard product. This means that an enterprise gets the advantages of having cloud-to-cloud connectivity, providing real-time performance of all-important flows in their ecommerce account. These cover order import, customer import/export, item export, billing and fulfillment export and inventory export to the eCommerce account, besides many other processes. Webbee ensures that with NetSuite SuiteScript, you do not just get a NetSuite eCommerce connector, but an integrator based on what your business needs for faster processes and greater profitability.

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