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WebBee BigCommerce NetSuite Connector for Effortless Data Management

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NetSuite Connector App offers an automated data management system to a seller that is overburdened with manual data entry on its business applications BigCommerce as well as NetSuite. The NetSuite as well as BigCommerce data, when, segregated from each other requires a manual data entry and frequent logins separately across both the applications which confronts several process related issues, importantly, data errors and duplicate data issues.

Performance Issues faced by BigCommerce in Absence of NetSuite Connection

In absence of integration between the BigCommerce and NetSuite a business faces several performance related issues whether they are related to storefront or issues related to back-end of the system.

Customer Support: In absence of seamless data without integration, flow of customer information like payment histories, pending orders and customer queries remains unanswered and too delayed. This delayed response to customer queries decrease a regular Shopper’s confidence into a seller’s good and services.

Inventory Management: Wrong or delayed stock information in absence of integration is major reason for order cancellation and delayed delivery. Both of the situations only leads to poor store performance further leading to client dissatisfaction and business loss.

Order Management: BigCommerce and NetSuite integration at the same time is also essential for the faster and efficient order-to-cash cycle that is only possible in situation when inventory data about stock status is shared with store front for due validation and triggering payment processing. The accurate fulfillment acknowledgment data as received from fulfillment centers and shared with a customer is also necessary for faster and efficient data sharing.

Fulfilment Management: The most important and essential part of overall business process in eCommerce eco system is shipping and delivery of a customer order at his door step. In absence of data integration between BigCommerce and NetSuite the fulfillment process often become flawed due to manual and faulty entry of data into NetSuite. It causes the delayed fulfillment and sometimes delivery at wrong address. However, the issue can be easily resolved through BigCommerce Shipping integration.

Lesser Productivity: A company running its business operations without establishing connection between BigCommerce and NetSuite results into a frequently hampered business operations. The business process thus without integration prone to errors finally results into business lesser or lost productivity. The common activities and operations like orders, invoicing, expenses gets delayed.

Lack of Data Visibility: Important data segregated across different systems and most of the time entered manually into the system get left out creates visibility issues during the auditing and scaling up business. Overlapping of the database is an important hassle that prevents necessary data to be visible across the entire system to all the stake holders.

Extra Expenses on IT and Maintenance Cost: In a business environment that is not adequately integrated with different systems, the cost of maintaining it very high in terms of IT resources as well as maintenance. More than running an IT system the cost in updating the legacy systems according to new versions is time consuming as well as expensive.

Clients Leaving the Store: The store not integrated between BigCommerce and NetSuite for data exchange and data lying scattered across different data bases only leads to poor customer experience delayed services and client response. Leaving a bad impression upon a client prompt him to leave the store due to least efficient customer services.

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WebBee NetSuite Connector App for Effortless order, inventory and order Management

Robust NetSuite Integrator that is point-to-point BigComerce store to NetSuite integration app is a useful utility for BigCommerce sellers that uses NetSuite ERP as an accounting and backend tool. Robust NetSuite integrator app offered by WebBee creates a seamless data sync between BigCommerce and NetSuite to prevent separate login into applications and have a faster and accurate data flow between applications. The app is available on BigCommerce app store.Robust Netsuite Integrator by WebbeeThe NetSuite connector app makes data processing between NetSuite and BigCommerce automated, efficient and faster in absence of manual data feeding and entry.

Faster and Efficient NetSuite-BigCommerce Process Benefits offered by the app.

BigCommerce NetSuite Connector offering an automated sync of order, inventory and tracking let a BigCommerce store owner to enjoy several process related benefits on his way to efficient and faster order management.

BigCommerce NetSuite Connector

The integration presents following processed related benefits like.

• The automated sync of customer, inventory and order info on BigCommerce and NetSuite makes business processes like order-to-cash, fulfillment, shipping and others faster and efficient.

• Sync performed by the NetSuite Connector app between BigCommerce and NetSuite leads data to be more pure and accurate in absence of any manual data entry for customer, order and inventory information.

• With the faster and accurate access to data all the important order-to-cash business processes become including fulfillment, shipping, delivery and payment become effort less and least time consuming.

• The faster business cycles as a result of better scalability features not only improves customer satisfaction but also enhances productivity.

• The NetSuite connector app unmatched scalability features to process as many as number of order during business peak season, discount offers and festivals.

• The syncing of information for fulfillment, order and inventory management allows a seller to have real time visibility into his data across BigCommerce and NetSuite.

Features of the Robust NetSuite Integrator App

Hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud and using NetSuite Robust Rest API for data extraction the app has following functionality features that makes a seller business faster and efficient. Its distinguished process related features are like.

Easy to Configure

The app has a simple interface and easy setup process. Even a non IT executive can configure the app with any special knowledge or learning of the code.

Netsuit Account with BigcommerceFaster Business Process 

The automated sync data in absence of any manual entry happens to more pure and accurate. With no error correction time the business processes become much and efficient 

 Automated Data Sync 

Driven by triggered events, the data between the systems get sync, automatically, once integrated without any need to frequent logins 

Inventory Import

  • Imports inventory, shipment, price and return info from NetSuite to BigCommerce.

Order Import 

  • Imports order and customer information for BigCommerce to NetSuite.

Data Visibility 

  • Offer real-time data visibility on day-to-day basis for syncs order, inventory and tracking

Orders Overview

Provides an overview of sync orders for day, weekly, monthly, total sync and none-sync orders.

BigCommerce Netsuite Connecter

Items Mapping

Maps item SKUs between BigCommere and NetSuite for combo offer and promotional activities.

Sync Bigcommerce Netsuite


  • Sends notifications to admin for shipping information and mismatch SKUs.

Netsuite Connecter


There is no better options for a BigCommerce seller that is looking for a seamless data integration between his store and NetSuite ERP for order, inventory and fulfillment management than WebBee Robust NetSuite integrator app that is available on the BigCommerce App Store.

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