Seamless Performance Enhancement by Amazon ERP Integration

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Amazon integration with ERP safeguards a seller from tiring batch uploading of daily orders manually either from Amazon Seller Central or Vendor central into back office system ranging from an  ERP to accounting system. The integration of Amazon with a compatible ERP system, whether, using an iPaaS or a point-to-point integration app helps a seller to sync its orders, inventory, shipping updates, product and pricing, customer info and more. It is also  instrumental in FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) or Amazon Vendor Central Supplier fulfilment. Amazon ERP integration also matches and integrates with Amazon EDI integration adequately and effectively.

Some effective and straight away benefits offered by Amazon API integration with ERP offers following business advantages.

  • Automatic inventory and order management
  • Automated price change update on product catalog
  • Improved and faster operational efficacy of an enterprise
  • Effective and faster supply chain management

 How Amazon Integration with ERP helps a Seller on Amazon to improve its business processes?

 Along with process related benefits offered by Amazon Integration with ERP for business scalability in terms of improved order-to-cash cycle for a growing business. The Amazon ERP integration provides three most efficient and successful process efficiency benefits including order, inventory and account management. With several methods to get an Amazon connected to an ERP or accounting system Amazon API integration is the well accepted practice in the market to carry out the successful integration between applications.

Amazon API Integration With ERP/ External Applications

Complete Automation of Business Processes 

Completely eliminating manual data entry between Amazon and an ERP system with the help of Amazon integration with ERP. The integration, automatically shares important Amazon seller data like order and inventory details, customer information, invoices, account, taxation, etc, with an ERP or accounting system. The integration, primarily, executed trough an Amazon API in addition to sync data with ERP also shares it with external business applications as well. In due course of data exchange, ERP works as intermediary and share data with external business applications too carrying out all sort of business functions and applications. The automatic data sharing by Amazon API integration with ERP in absence of manual data entry removes process related delays and makes overall business process to be efficient and faster. It makes working across different departments in an enterprise harmonious and productive.

Centralized Data Access and Distribution 

ERP-Amazon integration services constituted of software expertise to share order, inventory and account data from Amazon Seller and Vendor central with an ERP also forms a centralized depository of data. With all the important business data having at a central place eases the working of executives without any need to looking for data on two different systems. They can have access to business data from a central place and can further use it across for redistribution for different business processes and operations like fulfillment, shipping, marketing, sales and promotion. Amazon integration with ERP therefore allows all the inbound data to be at central place and to be further redistributed from there.

Efficient and Accurate Business Operations 

In absence of Amazon ERP integration services due to flawed data entered into operations on account of manual data feeding, the Amazon ERP integration completely removes typing errors in the data. With data accuracy insured after automatic sync of data by Amazon-ERP integration, the repetitive business transactions becomes singe time instance. This make entire business process to be effective, smoother, faster and accurate.

Improved Workflow

The role of Amazon API integration with ERP is of vital importance for improved and faster workflow within an organization.  When data is being distributed from a central place accurately and efficiently through different department and processes within an enterprise, it results into improved business workflow. A collaborative business environment by the integration can easily be shared through and across different personals and officials within  an  organization.

 Improved Sales Conversion and Marketing Campaigns

An effective and faster data sharing with the help of Amazon ERP integration allows business operations like shipping, fulfillment and invoicing fast and confident letting an end customer to have better and enhanced business confidence in your services. Better customer experience allows a business to have sales conversion for future sale pitches. Even CRM data to be more efficient and accurate as a result of the integration let future sales and marketing campaign to be more productive and result driven

List of Important Business Process Streamlined Amazon Integration with ERP 

The integration executed between Amazon and an ERP for an efficient data processing and improved work flow has numerous business benefits. With the help of automated data sharing between the applications, a business can transform, integrate and scale up business processes. Some of the important business processes executed and carried out by the Amazon ERP integration are:-

  • Data Management: With data exported from Amazon seller and Vendor account to ERP and imported for external applications into Amazon insurers an effective and secure data management.
  • Listing Management: With catalog data including content, images, prices and inventory, the integration makes listing update instantaneous and faster.
  • Fulfillment & Shipping Automation: With order and customer details exported automatically from Amazon to an ERP the fulfillment and Shipping process become much faster and efficient from a 3PL service provider.
  • Automated Inventory and Order Management: With data syc between Amazon and ERP, the important order and inventory management process become automated in absence of manual data entry.
  • CRM (Customer Relation Management): All the important customer data including shipping info and order details with the help of CRM management can be further used for marketing campaign and lead generation.
  • Security & Fraud Protection: With data seamless shared between application without any human intervention remains highly secure and encrypted.
  • Vendor Management: At Amazon vendor central the data from Amazon get seamlessly distributed to different channel partners for visibility and order-to-cash process.
  • Multi Channel Connection: The ERP integration connects a seller on Amazon with its other point of sales avenues and points with a common inventory executed all across businesses.

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For a business process to be efficient and faster for a merchant operation both on Amazon Seller as well as Amazon Vendor Central account, Amazon API integration with ERP offers him requisite data sync and management. With the sync of data, he can make his business processes to be efficient and faster.

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