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WebBee Inventory Management

Inventory Management Software

With WebBee ERP Integration, increase your inventory accuracy up to 98% and virtually manage and optimize your global supply chain across multiple continents and time zones with a WebBee single platform application.

Integrate WebBee’s ERP manufacturing, distribution and supply chain management capabilities on a single platform. We manage all functions with ease, accelerate decision-making process and optimize your business transactions.

Inventory management keeps a warehouse status detailing about “what you have in your warehouse” and “where your stock is located”. Our inventory management produces an accurate, optimized reporting, ensuring data availability and data integrity.

Our integrated customized inventory management solution provides a competitive edge to your business operations. This will enhance your ability to plan predictably, effectively, minimizing tangible and intangible costs. We offer an integrated solution near real-time, providing flexible, reconcilable and scalable integrated solutions to the users.

The main key benefits of WebBee integration of your inventory management software with back-office systems are-

  • User definable alerts provide you Real-time status visibility
  • Optimize inventory to achieve product availability and ROI goals
  • Provides an inventory visibility to supply chain partners
  • Quickly reduce supply chain costs and act on cost variances
  • Stating inventory accurately in financial reports
  • Elevate service levels via optimizing delivery plans & reducing lead times

WebBee Goes hand in hand with the client with the following Steps-

Analyze and evaluate demand, review sales forecasts, balance with updated supply and create a plan. WebBee lets you balance between demand and supply across the globe. This improvises your business with the right combination of cost control, lead times and enhanced services level.

Our ERP customized integrated solution provides advanced business-specific inventory management. Predictive reporting planning techniques will help you make the right decisions, maximizing yours on time delivery metrics.

Every location where your inventory is stored can be set up with unique parameters, delivering unprecedented control over your supply chain. Our other key capabilities include-

  • Multi-Location Supply Planning
  • Planned vs Actual Orders
  • Update by CSV Import or web services
  • Vendor Management
  • Incorporate Sales Forecasts
  • Analyze Historical Demand

WebBee ensures your plan gets executed with ease, creating all your purchases, transfer and work orders effectively. At the global level, executing supply chain management as a whole is probably the most important and complex phase. When your manufacturing takes place at any continent, across multiple time zones, demographics and currencies, you require a simple and effective way to communicate with your distributors, partners, suppliers and contract manufacturers ensuring they know what you want and you know what they are intended to deliver. The other key capabilities include-

  • Approval Workflows
  • Simple Order Generation
  • Track in-transit Inventory
  • Vendor Performance Tracking
  • Constraint Management
  • Full Automation Possible
  • Easily Update Statuses

WebBee customized integrated solutions support comprehensive collaboration. Our unifying platform and standardized communication portal technologies are ideal for collaboration.

Being on the cloud, ensures anytime, anywhere accessibility of the information on any device. Our collaboration platform provides an automatic spontaneous communication, via email.

We also provide a portal access to your supply chain partners to view and update order/product information. The other key capabilities include-

  • Real-time collaboration
  • SuiteTalk Web Services
  • RESTlet framework
  • Traditional NetSuite ease of use
  • Real-time integrations to other systems
  • Quickly grant/deny access
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access
  • Global Availability
  • Device and browser agnostic
  • No additional cost

WebBee eSolutions automate case management, warranty registration, issue tracking, and repairs. Supporting customers throughout, we automate your support functions. To ensure a long-term satisfying customer service, especially when things are not working as per expectations; we route, escalate and resolve issues as soon as possible. Our support launching sales orders to ship replacement units, coordinate with warranty claims, and execute a business-specific repair process. Few other key support capabilities are-

  • Integration with case management
  • Escalation rules
  • Workflow based case assignment
  • Repair work orders
  • Warranty profile management
  • Issue management

WebBee eSolutions inventory management ensures the best visibility to your customers and supply chain partners, ensuring accurate updated financial reports. Our transparent integration can be customized as per changing business requirements. Forecasting high transaction volumes, we assure scalable integrated design and deployment.

Expedite your inventory management with WebBee and allow us to Develop the right inventory management system for your business and strategize integration for your back-office. We ensure business expansion after understanding and assessing your business needs. Seek our consultation and allow your organization to grow.