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Hybrid/Ionic App Development

Developing Hybrid Apps with Ionic Framework

Transforming ideas into reality

WebBee is one of the leading Ionic app development organization in India. Digital transformation is a DNA of our business, we empower businesses to automate, expand, and grow. We have successfully developed several high-performance Ionic apps. Our skilled team addresses rapidly changing technological and business-specific needs via developing Ionic applications addressing strategic business objectives.

Our straightforward structure of an Ionic app development provides you a self-contained application experience. The whole Ionic app is scripted in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Our experienced qualified developers dig down into the native layer with custom Cordova plugins or native code providing you best-of-breed business-specific mobile solutions.

For the development of the hybrid app with the Ionic framework, our developers use AngularJS inclusive of the various core functionality of the framework, as Angular is one of the best approaches to building browser-based applications today.

Develop innovative, robust, and scalable mobile applications with WebBee eSolutions. Our team of strategists, developers, and designers are committed to re-shape the business models in real-time. Working dedicatedly with clients, resolute in solving the real-time business problems, optimizing performance. Quenching the thirst for infinite possibilities with technology, we pioneer in digital transformation, re-dimension the digital journey of our customers, revolutionizing the way they operate.

Our Value Proposition

  • Full-featured Ionic Apps
  • Native Ionic Apps
  • Flexible Client Engagement Models
  • Hybrid Ionic App Design Services
  • Mature Delivery Process
  • Complete Transparency
  • QA and Support


Material Design UI/UX

Our user-friendly designs on Ionic applications leverage animation, layout, styles, patterns, relevant components, the usability of Material Design with expanded UI toolkit, collaborating trendy graphics and user-experience.

New Sensors

With the help of composite internal sensors and other external hardware, the specific interactions can be detected and imbibed, like wake up, glance, pick up, shake, and other gestures, we provide app solutions to justify the end-users and business needs.

Our Ionic App Development Services includes :

  • Ionic Games Development
  • Custom Ionic Apps Development
  • Ionic Health-care Apps
  • Ionic M-commerce Applications
  • Enterprise Ionic Applications
  • Ionic Support, Maintenance, Testing
  • Ionic Social Media Applications
  • Ionic Widget Development
Device Connectivity

Device Connectivity

Our potent team provides the custom Ionic app solutions with user-friendly integrated features to synchronize concurrent operations with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), giving control of external hardware on users’ Ionic mobile devices.

Complying diligently with the Google Ionic standards and guidelines, our team of developers and designers develops customize the unique customer-specific mobile application. WebBee provides business mobile app consultancy, architecture designs, customer-centric UI/UX development through native and cross-platform strategize approach, testing, and server-side support.

Proactively, sensing an idea of next-generation Ionic App, we enable your business to transform in real-time. Whether your app is focused on consumer market or enterprise, our technology proof app development embeds all expertise of building quality-rich Ionic apps at a competitive price. Our Ionic app developers are experienced in Java technology, SDKs, Ionic studio, external libraries, debuggers, database management, media APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, location-based APIs, OpenGL, security architecture, 3D graphics and other related technologies.


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Hybrid/Ionic App Development
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