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WebBee Global Google Shopping Feed

WebBee Global Google Shopping Feed

Integrated with Your Shopping Cart

WebBee Global Google Merchant Center is a tool which enables you to upload your store and product data on Google and ensure its availability at Google Shopping and other Google services.

With WebBee Global Google Shopping, customers can easily locate your products on Google. As a seller, Google Shopping provides the following advantages:

  • Pull potential buyers
  • Manage & Control your product information
  • Retain accuracy & integrity of your product information
  • Enable you to reach shoppers while customers explore items
  • Enable customers in searching relevant, updated items, they are looking for

Through these feeds you can integrate your store with Google Merchant Center for uploading product listings, which can be used for Google shopping, Google Commerce Search, and Google Product Ads.

Surface your products directly to users via Shopping ads by Integrating our merchant centers with your Google AdWords. Also, set up the product feed with our merchant center.

What our Integration with the merchant Center can do for you?


  • Import data
  • Perform normalization on data
  • Concatenate data from various sources


  • Format templates
  • Optimize pre-formats
  • Optimize rule editors


  • Sync product inventory to multiple e-commerce channels


  • Less expenditure and More Sale is governed by actionable analytics

Key Features

Order Sync

Time and money saving synchronization. Experience hassle-free consistent management of your marketplace orders on a single platform with WebBee Global Integrated Solutions. This will enable you to reach all major marketplaces. WebBee aggregates all your marketplaces order information syncing it with your respective shopping cart platform.

No Inventory Problems! No Over Selling! No Over Stocking! WebBee updates both your shopping cart platform and the marketplace with order status, shipping/tracking detail data and cancellations.

  • Synchronizing marketplace orders to favourable platforms
  • Automate marketplace inventory updates
  • Update order status automation
  • Monitoring orders via updated tracking and shipping instant information
  • Platform fulfilment via integrating with Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc., via custom API.
  • Connect to popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc.
Ecommerce Analytics

Our real-time e-commerce analytics performance monitoring across channels proactively manage e-commerce campaigns. Our robust user-friendly analytics platform measures performance by SKU, brand, channel, etc. and identifies patterns. By adding the actual cost reports from the leading shopping engines to your analytics dashboard you can optimize positive business outcomes.

Track exact spending on selected shopping channels and decide which products to exclude before they become unprofitable. Filter product view for active conversion and manually exclude the ones which aren’t directly from your Analytics interface.

  • All-In-Single dashboard
  • Channel performance comparison on different channel
  • Locate best-sellers and under-performing products
  • Analyze SKU Performance
  • SKU Suppression from the Analytics interface
  • Google Analytics Integration for a full view of campaign performance
Shopping Engines

Synchronize product data feeds via optimizing listings by comparing on shopping engines, mobile shopping apps and social networks. Advertising your products on comparison shopping engines like Facebook, Google Shopping, Shopzilla, Bing, and Nextag is a must.

Our simplified process of feed campaigns on multiple CSEs takes control and manages your data to optimize listings and measured performance. A single point platform integration to import respective product catalogue also, automating daily feed submissions on multiple shopping channels. Your product listings are always up to date and in sync with your shopping cart.

  • Quick product amendments
  • Automate Updates on product/inventory data across all channels with scheduler
  • Optimize and Customize product listings for respective shopping engine
  • Easy Categorization or product Mapping with built-in templates
  • Filter Products
  • Add Supplemental Data like, from drop shippers, manufacturers etc
  • Add Sale Attribution like UTM and third party tracking parameters to your listings
  • Execute Products Suppression
  • Measure vital parameters like revenue etc. with Ecommerce Analytics
  • Analytics monitoring provides Performance Alerts
  • Cost Reporting provides Measure ROI
How WebBee Google Shopping Feed Works
  • Primarily, we synchronize your products and items from your shopping cart. Ours specialized technical support team helps you set up, such that you begin managing your product data from single view dashboard and then automate consistent feed updates.
  • Now, categorization of your products using our built-in templates is performed. Then, optimization is performed on your product data in bulk like pricing, model, title, description etc., maximizing exposure on each respective channel.
  • Lastly, with the help of analytics tools, ROI is measured, ensuring your business achieves a positive outcome. This also monitors your spending and set performance alerts based on KPIs.
  • Surface your business product highlights directly to promising users integrating with WebBee Global Google Shopping Feed merchant centers.


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