Staff Augmentation

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Staff Augmentation
“Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical.”
-Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO

Staff Augmentation Services for Effective ERP Skill Management

Resource Management and Process Efficiency with Staff Augmentation

  • Leveraging Existing Resources in Organization
  • Integration with internal processes
  • Reduced Cost of Acquiring Skills
  • Specialist Hiring
  • Easier Adoption of Aggressive Project Deadlines

Wish to know about other additional benefits of Staff Augmentation?


An overview of ERP Staff Augmentation and its Benefits to an Organization

Fulfilling a business’ need to adapt to occurring technological advancement largely depends upon how effective and time bound is its IT and digital transformation. With too much cost and technical expertise included it is imminent for an IT project to be completed within its deadline. Any consistent delay in completing the IT project planned for implanting the change not only lags a business behind of several year in terms of advancement as the same time it increases business cost for a company by several times. Among many available methods for completing an ERP implementation project in time, Staff Augmentation has competently has better success ration in comparison to other methods.

ERP staff augmentation solution let a company to add staff to their teams based on the additional skills required to support their IT transformation efforts. Supported by a staff augmentation firm based upon an organization’s business requirement needs the candidates are hired. There are many a number of benefits offered by a staff augmentation to an organization to reduce their digital transformation requirement. A business have following advantages from staff augmentation.

Effective Human Resource Management

Staff augmentation is an ideal solution when an organization looks for HR solution that can help to manage resources closely.

Lower Costing of Talent Acquisition

The augmented staff generally comes in a rather competitive prices and they saves cost of company otherwise spend upon skill development within the organization.

Decreased Business Ownership Stress

When a business looking forward to meet the tight business deadlines with limited resources available within the organization, there, is no better way reduce business burden than adopt staff augmentation.

Wider Internal Acceptance

In comparison to external project teams, there is a wider acceptance of staff augmentation to update IT projects within organization.

Easier Integration with Internal Processes

Staff Augmentation Resources get easily assimilated with internal business process in comparison to external project teams.

Taking Advantage of Existing Resources

The augmented staff can better utilize company’s already available company resources with respect to completion of IT projects.

Induction of Specialist

The biggest benefit of staff augmentation is the hiring of specialized skills non-existing within the organization. Staff augmentation fills up those gaps effectively.


Dsitinct and unique WebBee Cloud ERP Staff Augmenatation Services

WebBee provides quality solution in terms of cloud ERP staff augmentation services that help to bridge the skill gap within an organization. We help organizations that require cloud ERP experts for assistance in implementations, enhancements, and customizations of a cloud ERP. WebBee provides ERP Staff Augmentation service on the basis of exact requirement posted by an organization. Some of the major Staff Augmentation services offered WebBee Global are:
Selective Skillful Experience

WebBee offers the best talent to an organization exactly meeting their ERP requirement and sum up a project quickest possible time within the deadline. WebBee before offering its staff augmentation solution properly scrutiny skill set at its client‘s workplace and offers the placement in the areas where a gap is existing.

Reinvented Remuneration

We offer plethora of options to an organization with respect to remuneration packages especially in cases where the cost of investment is too high. Companies can hire staff on a contract basis from us on till the completion of a project.

Undemanding Resource Management

We offer staff augmentation services that are eases the task of managing resources for an organization across different departments. Our staff augmentation services offered by WebBee saves an organization from the hustle of managing staff as we do all the task of managing resource on the behalf of the organization we are offering augmentation service too.

Controlled Attrition

WebBee staffing solutions offer a well accepted answer for an organization that doesn’t wishes to face an attrition situation while at an important phase of project development. In case attrition is necessary then WebBee staff augmentation makes it planned and least counterproductive. The augmentation provides the freedom of choice with the benefit of precise headcount.

Mutual Betterment

Staff Augmentation is beneficial for the employer as well as the employee. It gives the selection in the time of need to employers and unbounded opportunity to employees. Staff Augmentation ensures the mutual benefit of both sides. There is a good chance that employees can demand a good remuneration based on their skills as the position might be a temporary one. Freelancing individuals can be greatly benefitted from staff augmentation. Companies can accept the remuneration demand and still be in profit as all the compensation components are not applicable to contractual employees. Either way, it is a win-win situation for all!

Project Handling

Our ERP staff augmentation solutions are designed not only for making talent available to a company at same time also offers added advantage of project handling. We ensures that our staffing team is meeting the project deadlines accurately in time fulfilling all the requisites of the project.

How WebBee ERP Staff Augmentation is different from others?
Staff augmentation services offered by WebBee are just not exceptional but at the same time are offered with its unique service advantages that are not possible for a talent seeker with any other service provider. The list of advantages that distinct WebBee from others are:
Quality is an all-time high

While offering the staff augmentation solutions we remains assured of the fact, that, we offers a mix of experienced as well as skilled employees to remain consistent with reference to quality with a balanced approach. Moreover our solutions inculcate an environment of sustainable growth within the organization where employees can feel themselves valued.

Reduction in Turn-around time

With our ERP staff augmentation along with offering project expertise, project management capability, we also ensure that project delivery time to be as less as possible. We ensure that the talent recruited should be motivated enough to response according to project deliverables.

Innovation-Oriented Opinion

WebBee brings an innovative staffing solution at the door steps of an organization looking for advancement in terms of introduction of new technology in their system. Staff augmentation is the key to drive innovation into an organization by the method of brining the talent expert in different areas of working. Innovation is rewarded by solving client projects or offering internal repairing solutions.

Tap Training Time

Our Staffing solutions help an organization to save their valuable business time, otherwise, consumed in training the staff. Through staff augmentation companies can smartly hire experienced people for work; saving the trouble of formulating training modules and employing training help.

Recruit only when required

We offer staff augmentation solutions, where, companies are no more required to have overstaffing and can hire a resource when required. With our wiser solutions an organization can keep on balance of human resource throughout the year. The case could be reversed too when companies have a lot of projects nearing deadlines and short staff to devote. Either way our staff augmentation solutions are the best solution for an organization.

Unparalleled Quality

WebBee Global gives you the best ways that help your company to establish the gratifying image of the organization in the customer’s eyes. As per your requirement, we supply you branding demand seriousness to the innovation of your products. Achieving our goals, jointly help us to reach your final vision.

Utmost Utilization of need, supply approach

Our staffing solutions are closer to modern day hiring practices where businesses can accommodate with resource management that are better clubbed with staff augmentation solutions. It makes the pace of business processes faster and efficient.

Talent pores in the organization

Our staff augmentation solution more talent than normal hiring process with the best selection parameters filtered and offered to organizations. This even makes the process of hiring efficient to make systems that can replace legacy systems.

Looking for Staff Augmentation Services to meet your organization’s ERP requirement!