Walmart EDI

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WalMart EDI
“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
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Walmart EDI Integration Inspiring Performance Enhancement through Automation

  • Reduce cost on EDI Transactions
  • Improved Data Quality
  • Shorter Business cycles
  • Improved Data Quality
  • Improved Data Security

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How Walmart EDI helps a business to improve its business processes and activities?

Walmart, a leading retailer has more than 11,700 stores across the World and offers more than 1 million different types of products to clients through its retail chain. Its uses world’s best technology to remain gets connected with its client and vendors. Walmart EDI is the leading technology that is used by the retail chain for establishing connection between different vendors and third party suppliers. Walmart EDI services help a business to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability. A small business while selling on the Walmart requires a small change with respect to Walmart’s EDI protocol.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the most common and popular method for B2B transactions. It is a type of communication between two different systems being translated into an accepted readable format. Majorly a business implements a business through a VAN (Valued- Added-Network). After becoming Walmart EDI complient your business get following benefits across your B2B business transactions. Once a VAN is placed, a Walmart supplier enjoys following process related benefits.

Simplified Order Management

Though Walmart EDI is not of a greater assistance to a supplier, however, it is of great usage for a business to reduce the pressure of data re-entry and to manage high volume orders. A system powered to understand EDI data received from a VAN simply do multitude of data management activities including simpler and easier import of orders, tracking of picking, packing and shipping and at the same time improving EDI trading and reducing cost during the EDI process.

Cost Saving

Another important factor for Walmart EDI implementation is considerable reduction in cost of business transaction and operations. EDI considerably cuts the cost of personnel, supplies, and office and storage space. As EDI is electronic transmission of data between systems, thus, it reduces EDI transactions associated with paper, printing, storage, filing and document retrieval and others. Walmart EDI enables a business to have a stronger position from a partnership with Walmart by the means of automating routine tasks, managing inventory and operations. Thus it makes doing business with Walmart easier and simpler.

Automated Data Process

An EDI manager integrated with Walmart system to work along VAN showcases all data between system and Walmart, simultaneously. The EDI when integrated between systems can easily sync data more importantly between business processes like shipping invoice, payment advance slip and others. This way data, automatically, moves between system and without any manual intervention for accuracy and faster working of system.

Ware House Management

Walmart EDI also helps a supplier to effectively manage huge number of business orders consisted of complex business data. It makes the task of picking, packing, labeling and shipping quite simplified and easier. It streamlines data and sends into a centralized system, where, a user can evaluate, analyse and look after the data.

Walmart EDI for trading partners

Walmart EDI is essential and imperative for business partners in conditions when they are receiving a huge number of business orders. In the situation an integrated Walmart EDI informs a business about situations like low stock. It also helps to re-order amounts, and reveal inventory data in real-time to you as well your trading partner.

Data Accuracy

Walmart EDI reduces chances of error for doing tasks manually by 40%. Using an EDI accelerates business cycle up to 60%. The lesser time spent upon transaction cycles thus improves cash flow. With entire process being automated, EDI let your staff to focus their attention more towards higher-value task improving overall productivity. At the strategic level Walmart EDI offers a real-time visibility of entire data including transaction statuses. EDI helps a business to focus as well in other areas and markets by enhancing processing efficiency.

The EDI benefits offered by MME for Walmart EDI improves business efficiency to an extent of 60% and streamlines the processes for maximum capacity utilization.

Enabling Data Security and Auditing

Walmart EDI infuses a business with an effective, competitive business environment and therefore keeps all the important business data highly secure when distributed among different trading and business partners. In a fully integrated EDI, the data flow between systems and computers is being exchanged in a completely secure environment protected in the layers of encryption. Corporate editing is another major benefit offered by Walmart EDI services that resolve many information related discrepancies that otherwise would be present in a paper-based system.

Strategic Business Benefits

Walmart EDI is just not imperative for a supplier on Walmart retail chain in terms of cost and time saving benefits while integrated with collaborative commerce capabilities, it helps to reap plethora of strategic business benefits. With a fast moving transaction data and having real time visibility into that data, it becomes simpler and easier for a business to make correct business decisions and improved responsiveness to change customer and market demands. Not only this, it also help businesses to promote corporate social responsibility and sustainability by reducing the usage of paper. Walmart EDI practices also promote “green” electronic alternatives.

Therefore, it is quite evident and clear that Walmart EDI helps suppliers and trading partners to have improved business efficiency, ROI and profitability.


Walmart EDI Specifications setting the standards and Compliance for data exchange

The compliance of Walmart EDI, primarily, is determined by standard and codes followed by it. The primary codes primarily followed by Walmart EDI are:

(Walmart EDI 810) Invoice

(Walmart EDI 812) Credit/Debit Adjustment

(Walmart EDI 816) Organizational Relationships

(Walmart EDI 820) Payment Order/ Remittance Advice

(Walmart EDI 824) Application Advice

(Walmart EDI 830) Planning Schedule with Release Capability

(Walmart Walmart EDI 846) Inventory Inquiry/ Advice

(Walmart EDI 850) Purchase Order

(Walmart EDI 855) Purchase Order Acknowledgement

(Walmart EDI 856) Advance Shipment Notice

(Walamrt EDI 864) Text Message

(Walmart EDI 940) Warehouse Shipping Order

How WebBee Walmart EDI services are unique and different?

WebBee Walmart EDI services are the most effective and state-of-the-art Walmart EDI services make all the business process related activities fast and efficient and connect a business automatically to and electronically with trading and supply partners. Some of the unique characteristics of Walmart EDI services offered by WebBee include.

Fast and Efficient EDI Integration

WebBee offers pre-constructed EDI solutions as well as customized solutions for more than 100 business processes for suppliers, traders and business partners for different business activities including ERP, WMS, inventory and order management and a smooth transition to EDI. We present rapid EDI implantation and setup turnkey solution preconfigured to comply with a trading partner’s requirement.

Taking Care of All EDI Activities

We are just not a Walmart EDI integrator at the same time also looks after upon all your EDI specifications and requirements while handling the working of all your EDI activities and business processes. We keep a constant watch and vigil on your EDI system to run your business smoothly and effectively.

Around the Clock Tech Support

In order to solve any tech issues and queries we offer Walmart EDI support to our esteemed clients around the clock. You can get in touch with us by phone, live chat or by e-mail and user focused videos and webinars.

Complete Supply Chain Visibility

We offer a completely automated realistic data visibility for all the concerned departments to have access to the complete and accurate data than ever before. We offer data with absolute accuracy and clarity in real-time to intended audience.

Cost Effective and Easy Payment Terms

The overall fee for EDI integration and services charged by WebBee is the most competitive and easy in the market by Walmart EDI. We present affordable and systematic payment structure with monthly payment without going for long term payment contracts.

Simplified Easy to Use Integration

What is exclusive and unique about EDI services offered by us is simple and easy-to-use interface that can be simply handle even by a non-technical person or staff in your without much EDI training. We get connected to all your trading partners without using web-based portal, WebEDI.

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team of software professionals that provides Walmart EDI integration services exclusively understanding the business needs and requirements of a business specifically related its EDI need and requirements.

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