Target EDI

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Target EDI
“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”
– Steve Jobs

Target EDI integration for supplier for faster and automated business processes

  • Reduce Manual Data Errors by 90%
  • Accelerate Business Cycle by 80%
  • Improves Business Cash Flow Tremendously
  • Automated Business Processes
  • Real time data visibility

Get your business enabled with Target EDI Integration Services


Different business benefits offered by Target EDI to its Distributor and Suppliers

Renowned as America’s leading retail chain, the Target is listed in S&P 500 index at present. It is operating in more than 1844 stores across the United States. Its entire business model is being divided and amalgamated into business formats like discount store, the hypermarket-Super Target, CityTarget and TargetExpress while consolidated into Target Branding.

The role of Target’s suppliers and distributors is of the highest importance making the store such a huge success. On the other hand, Target EDI is the EDI integration that makes it seamlessly easy, simpler and faster for a supplier, distributor and business to carry our B2B transaction with business. Some of the relevant business benefits offered by Target EDI include

Improved and Efficient B2B Transactions

Target EDI offers high value integration into the accounting system of a supplier and business partner. The integration helps to save valuable business time otherwise spent over the correcting the manual data feeding errors or running a flawed B2B transaction. Target EDI integration offers your business with improved business productivity, efficiency and response to a customer.

Simplified User Experience

The matched Target EDI Requirements make it simpler for the executives working in customer care and shipping departments to have simplified operating experience despite being them non technical. The automated transactions inspired from EDI help them by scheduling everyday task and activities. Further target EDI inspires businesses to have faster processing with no errors.

Scalable Business Features

With the help of Target EDI integration, a business gets ample opportunity to only utilize the feature that he is looking and, moreover, there should be a support for warehouse/ 3PL integration into the system for the future usage and planning. The target EDI also powers a business for the integration of its business specific requirements around accounting/ 3PL into the business model according to the customization.

Cost Effective Business Ownership

With an effective automation process the business processing by the help of Target EDI specifications tends to be quite low and simplified. With entire business process occurring and happening with synced operations between systems without any manual intervention, the ownership cost of entire business operations becomes quite low.

Improved Business Cash Flow

The electronic data interchange further enhances business’s earning and profitability with respect to eliminating business cost otherwise spend over paper, printing, courier, delivery and other important business tasks like. Additionally, with improved business processes and efficiency, overall productivity and profitability increases while resulting into improved cash flow.

Better Utilization of Resources

The business automation capability through electronic exchange of B2B data enables a business to use its resource to free from manually feeding the data and hence can be used in different business activities including like sales, customer services and other higher value task improving overall business productivity.

Real Time Data Visibility

With collaborative data capabilities Traget EDI based services help a business to have complete access and visibility to the data across different departments. With having visibility to the data it offers a business ample amount of transparency and access to the data for streamlining business data and having better business decisions.

Enhanced Data Quality

What is the most impressive about Target EDI benefits to a business is its capability to streamline processes for Purchase orders, Advance ship notice and invoices. It completely eradicates the wrong manual entries negatively impacting business processes and activities damaging it through overpayments, underpayment, additional fees, lost revenue, delays and poor customer service. EDI eliminates all the chances of wrong entry into the system through manual feeding while making the B2B transaction between suppliers and Target faster.

Data Security

With business environments becoming more and more online and cloud driven, the data security is an important feature exercised by EDI for an effective processing of business data between trading partners. With Target EDI different types of keys and passwords are get protected through the usage of different types of data encryption programs. With the Target EDI corporate auditing become easier to assess the process related discrepancies existing in the system due to paper-based operations.

Thus Target EDI enables a business to better streamline its business processes through electronic transaction of vital business data.


EDI Codes Making Your Business Process to be More Compliant to Target EDI

Below are listed some of the most common and important EDI codes that are quite necessary and imperative for businesses to be successfully integrated with Target EDI.

(EDI 850): Purchase Order

(EDI 856): Advance Shipment Notice

(EDI 810): Invoice (EDI 214): Transportation Carrier Shipment Status

(EDI 852): Product Activity Data

(EDI 860): Purchase Order Change Request – Buyer Initiated

(EDI 864): Text Message

(EDI 870): Order Status Report

(EDI 940): Warehouse Shipping Order

How WebBee EDI services are unique in fulfilling Target EDI Requirements?

In addition to effective EDI integration with Target there are many other several business advantages a business can have from Target EDI services offered by the WeBee. There are several intrinsic features of WebBee EDI that makes it an important part of business activity including the proper business requirements fitting into the EDI requirement of an organization.

In Depth Business Analysis

WebBee carries out a detailed in-depth business analysis before setting Target EDI Specification for an organization. The analysis identifies the most necessary corporate action and EDI mapping requirement before carrying out conversion to EDI. It calculates the entire business exercises like suppliers, customers and other trading partners inclusive of type of transaction to be carried out. The overall goal of the analysis happens to improve overall business cycle merely than automating it.

Integration of Technical Solution

We are expert in converting EDI requirements into reality through software as well as hardware support. Our EDI team is well versed in knowledge of EDI standards, in-house systems, and communications protocols. The team integrates EDI with in-house business systems, mapping EDI documents and installing and configuring communications software with absolute simplicity and ease.

Competitive Pricing

WebBee offer the most affordably and competitive rates for its set of EDI services, the applicable rated by us for Target EDI integration are monthly payable instead of long term contract. We don’t have any hidden charges and ask for the fee for the tasks carried out by us.

Round the Clock Tech Support

WebBee provides round the clock Target EDI support for effective working of EDI integration for sharing business data between systems. We carry out round the clock monitoring and reliability to ensure complete uninterrupted working of the EDI architecture. Further our knowledgeable responsive team remains on vigil for 24×7 live support either on a phone or through e-mail.

An accredited Integration

Target EDI documentation by WebBee, enables a business to completely eradicate time-consuming faulty transaction between systems in a business accounting system. Our Target EDI specifications thus prove a business’ order processing workflow for improved productivity and customer experience more successfully in comparison to any other service provider in the market.

Excellent Customer Experience

Target EDI integration is quite handy and helpful for executives that are directly associated in conversation with a client for different business processes including shipping notice, purchase orders and others. With an automated business process of Target EDI a customer executive have a faster and accurate client data on simplified dashboard. Through an automated process we make business associations with supplier and distributors more satisfied than ever with customer executives in between.

Fast and Efficient EDI Integration

WebBee offers pre-constructed EDI solutions as well as customized solutions for more than 100 business processes for suppliers, traders and business partners for different business activities including ERP, WMS, inventory and order management and a smooth transition to EDI. We present rapid EDI implantation and setup turnkey solution preconfigured to comply with a trading partner’s requirement.

Scalable Capabilities

WebBee Target EDI has massive scalability features to meet a business expansion needs that is constantly growing at rapid pace. On demand it can instantly integrate a business a remote warehouse /3PL on demand in the future. Not only this, we also present a business with an effective customized integration with an accounting/ERP system without interrupting ongoing business operations and activities.

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