Application of EDI

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Application of EDI
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Application of EDI Saves $20 per order making business processes efficient and faster

  • Automated B2B Transactions
  • Efficient and Faster Process Management
  • Data Accuracy
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Order and Inventory Management

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Application of EDI for Automated and Efficient Data Sharing

Are you looking for a way through which you can exchange information reliably? Well, EDI is the best solution for you that enables the fast and accurate exchange of data between the computer systems for organizations and trading partners that do business together. EDI is mainly designed to automate various business documents into your internal management system and applications of EDI in eCommerce is also emerging as where EDI integration is getting into use now-a-days.

Companies are focusing on EDI application and EDI eCommerce to transmit key component data in a paperless environment hence they have eliminated the need for documents that were sent using inefficient methods. For the most part, application of EDI fills in as the immediate association between platforms to allow and transmit key information progressively and in this way disposes of the requirement for manual intercession and entry to keep records and databases precise and up to date.

The three important processes for EDI processes in favor of efficient data transaction include.

Order Integration

EDI order integration allows Making, sending and follow-up of supply orders produced by the purchasing departments. EDI contains important info about business transaction hence it is termed as a communications protocol for the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in an electronic format between organization partners.

Dispatch Advice Integration

Dispatch Advice is a document provided by a seller to a buyer informing about the description, type, and quantity of goods that have been sent to them. Despatch advice is also known as DESADV which is a special type of document that is exchanged in the duration of procurement and distribution processes. Dispatch advice integration typically informs a buyer about the nature of the goods, the quantity and the time of delivery, allowing preparing inbound logistics.

Invoice Integration

Invoice is generally issued before the payment and is being requested for compensation against the services or goods offered by a supplier. Integrated invoicing ensures that a job is consistently flowing across an account system, consistently. The procedure of sending invoices utilizing EDI is called EDI Billing.


Benefits of using Applications of EDI

There are enormous benefits of using EDI applications and electronic data interchange in eCommerce but they can also be expensive to purchase, install and maintain. The system should be compatible with the business partner EDI system and also able to work within the existing company network, inventory, and warehouse, etc. There is no one standardized format, therefore, a single company’s EDI system must incorporate costly interpretation parameters with the goal that various frameworks in various arrangements can address each other including edi implementation in e commerce.

  • The amount of administrative work reduced by 60%
  • Lower costs of data management
  • Relations with business partners improved by 70%
  • Streamlined processes
  • Improved information flow while reducing manual data entry errors
  • Lower operational costs
What is included in Electronic Data Interchange EDI applications?
Order Integration

Creating, sending and follow-up of supply orders involves dedicating important technical and human resources to processing the orders to suppliers at the right time and in the proper way.

Integrating Invoices

The integration of electronic invoices gives incredible upper hands to senders and collectors and furthermore liable for better administration productivity proportions, and significant cost savings.

Despatch Advice Integration

The despatch advice is a key business transaction to verify that the goods received correspond to the purchase order specifications.

How does application of EDI in e commerce work?
Document Preparation

Firstly, the buyer collects and organizes the data so that it can work with EDI. There are several approaches to preparing documents such as exporting computer-based data from spreadsheets, enhancing apps to create output files ready for EDI standard translation.

EDI document translation

EDI translation app is used for converting internal data format into the EDI standard format using the appropriate segments and data elements. Data is sent to the EDI service provider who will handle the translation to and from the EDI format.

Connect and Transmit EDI documents

After translation, EDI documents are sent to the suppliers. Direct, point to point EDI connection, a combination of both direct EDI and VAN are used for connecting to the EDI services provider.

Implementing EDI Application in Business

To get started with EDI or EDI software implementation, you need to outsource the following key components and :

  • Software for integration of EDI transactions with back-office systems
  • EDI software for communications, EDI mapping, and translation
  • Server, PC, hardware and other communication devices
  • Data backups and redundant power for reliability
  • Software for integration for EDI transactions
  • Maps for each EDI document type exchanged to map EDI records
An End-To-End Approach

If you are looking for an EDI solution that can automate your business’s important functions then WebBee is here to help you out. Although there are various systems available in the market which are capable of producing amazing results but with our EDI integration, you can achieve desired results. We offer a complete End-to-End EDI approach to ascertain following data transaction related benefits.

  • Complete eliminates manual touches in order fulfillment process.
  • No need log to into multiple portals to complete an order.
  • Saves manual hours while completing an order through automated process.
  • Ensure data accuracy and thus avoids process delays.
  • Saves money and stream lines entire business process for efficiency.
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