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Drop Shipping Integration

WebBee ERP Drop Shipping Integration

WebBee Global Drop shipping is a retail business strategy for online retailers, suppliers, manufacturers in which you do not keep items and products in stock.

In this method, you partner with a wholesale supplier who stocks its own inventory, you transfer customer orders and details of the shipment to them, and they ship the goods directly to the customer.

With WebBee Global Drop shipping Integration solution, you are relieved from the fulfillment or inventory issues. We conduct and execute drop shipping with Synnex, Wynit, Dandh, and Ingram.

Unique Advantages Of WebBee Drop Shipping Integration

Increased cash flow :

  • No inventory, no headaches, as you do not require to stock the product, and do not pay for it until it’s sold.

Scalability :

  • Test products, append new products and expand products quickly, without bearing the overhead of ordering in bulk ( this judiciously utilizes your valuable time and capital expenditure).

Keep valued customers satisfied :

  • With the capability of adding new and expansion of the product selections consistently, you keep your customers engaged and make them aware about the new products.

Enable market expansion :

  • With the capability of adding new and expansion ofGetting product across demographic boundaries might be costly and challenging, however, if you partner strategically with located suppliers, you have accessibility to the same product or similar product, shipping them quickly. This enables you to test the market and validate if a given product is worth importing.the product selections consistently, you keep your customers engaged and make them aware about the new products.

Reduce costs :

  • The associated cost of a product in the supply chain might include ocean freight services, LTL and FTL services, port operations, and warehouse employees all get added into the total Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). Eventually, you will observe that the percentage of your product offering would lead to the net higher profit margins if it were drop shipped.

Efficient and Convenient ecommerce :

  • The launch and expansion of an ecommerce under the constraint of resources get resolved with drop-shipping. The fulfillment is incredibly convenient, giving you sigh-of- relief & lets you to focus on core business strategies, customer service, and other operations

Mobility :

  • The ability to execute business anytime, anywhere, and from any popular mobile devices expands business horizons.

Trusted Model :

  • The use of drop shipping model structures your business operations, make things run as smooth as possible. The invisible 3PL involvement perfectly set your system to track costs and inventory all the times. It provides a hassle-free wider selection of products to your customers.

WebBee Global Drop Shipping Integration On The Unified Cloud Integration Provides Visibility Inventory Management, Order Fulfillment From All Aspects Of The Integration From A Centralized User Interface. We Deliver Uninterrupted Drop Shipping Integration Service With

Synnex :It Is An IT Supply Chain Services Organization Providing Services To The Manufacturers, Software Publishers And Re-Seller Customers, It Distributes Products And Related Logistics Services.

Wynit : It Provides Suppliers With Instant Access To A Multi-Channel Network Of Customers.

Dandh : It Is A Technology Distributors In Emerging Trends Across IT, Electronics, Entertainment And Gaming.

Ingram: This Helps Administrators, Educators, Faculty, And Students With Easy Access Of The Modern Education Resources They Need.

Our Drop Shipping Integration-As- A-Service Model Powered By WebBee Extendable Integrator Platform Satisfying The Customer Specific Needs.


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