Webbee Global has taken some Open Source Initiative


People often asks us, why Webbee Global, a company selling its professional services for a fee, have to do with Open Source,

Why do we spent a part of our earnings on Open Source.

Do we see it some kind of obligations.


Webbee is a technology company, we sell software we make we don’t outsource software development. So much so that we infact have build a Center of excellence group where we research on latest technologies, we invest in future,

We use technologies to create these software which mostly are open source, which is a good word, which means the reliability not on one company but a group.

We find it an interesting way to give the community , contribute .

Some of the initiatives we have partnered with includes 5 CPAN Modules, 3 other Github projects and counting…

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2012-01-11 06:43:58

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