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Virtual Employees have become a reality from being a concept a few years back. Virtual Employees are those workers who do not occupy your office space physically but are engaged by your organization to work from home or any other location. They can be local or international depending on the need of your project and technology required to work on. They are mostly hired when business owners are looking to save on operational cost as well as find it difficult to hire highly qualified or skilled candidates in particular technology or skill in their own region.

Managing people who work outside of your geographical unit can have its own obstacles, but there are many advantages as well which easily out do the drawbacks.

As a business owner, when you decide to hire remote employees for your project operational cost is one of the biggest factors to be considered. Besides cost, you also need to keep in mind the location of the remote employee, availability hours, your business need and how you will make them a part of your team without having them in your office physically?

Here are some tips to consider when hiring foreign workers for your remote team:

  • Know the rules and regulations –

Before hiring virtual employees, understand the rules and regulations that apply in your country. A clear understanding of the hiring procedures will help you be on the safe side in case any contingency arises or issue occurs.

Consult the experts available in your home country and see if they are aware of the laws from where you intend to bring the employees on board. Read about the tax implication and payment procedures and discuss the same with your vendor providing resources.

  • Understand the cultural and geographic differences –

Hiring remote workers involve collaborating with workers from across the globe depending on the project needs. Your workforce may involve workers from countries other than the USA and therefore, understanding their cultural nuances may help you to a large extent in hiring the right talent. You also should learn how to manage such employees who are not native to your own country.

Being culturally sensitive may involve not only understanding but also gaining knowledge about how different work ethics play a critical role in your team’s success. Honoring your non-U.S. workers can involve rearranging worldwide time zones, recognizing and accepting diversity, and emphasizing shared goals.

  • Have a clear written contract agreement –

Make sure your written work agreement with foreign contractors for virtual hiring is clear and talks about work expectations, deadlines, KRAs and performance levels.

As much as possible, emphasize on consistent communication and feedback since these remote workers will not be available in your office every day. Let them come up with their own schedule and see if it works for you. If not suggest changes before you freeze the contract with them. As long as they meet productivity levels and your company goals it should work fine for you.

  • Emphasize flexibility –

Flexibility is another critical factor which both parties look for in this process. Since the virtual employee is invisible in the everyday situation, it is sometimes easy to manage them. One of the greatest advantages of hiring globally is the ability to hire the best employees regardless of their geographic location.

The more you’re able to offer work-from-anywhere jobs, the more success you will achieve in building a robust team for your critical projects. Keep thorough knowledge about international tax and labor laws to ensure you’re on the right side of the law to hire global workers for your remote team.

Time zones also play an important part in this process especially when these professionals are located in other countries and continents. Some companies have sprung up solely to assist those who are looking for virtual employees and WebBee Global is one of the best companies to get most qualified remote workers for your projects.

Well, it is true that geographically distributed teams have their own set of challenges, with time differences at the top of the list. But there are enough advantages as well and today we bring you the top benefits of working with virtual employees –

1. Your teammates work while you sleep –

How amazing would it be to get double benefits with half the investment? This is what happens when half your team is remotely located in a different time zone. Your co-workers work while it is time for you to sleep due to different time zones. Organizational progress is always possible with remote employees.  When teammates on one side of the globe are winding down for the day, others come online, ready to continue the work.

Companies with customer service benefit the most in such scenario. They have both sales and tech support people spread around the world to cover more time zones. Being geographically dispersed also gives the advantage of moving faster and completing the project before time. Instead of waiting for another full work day to finish the work, critical tasks are managed by the other side and the work never slows down.

2. Your company is responsive 24/7 –

If your organization have full-fledged customer service and call centers available for customers round the clock, this concept is totally for you. Your customers will be able to speak to humans and discuss their issues any time of the day rather than getting a recorded message after working hours in your own country. Most of the people prefer calling customer service centers after they reach home and therefore speaking to a real person will increase your customer loyalty.

Understanding your customers and resolving their issues at odd hours will increase your customer base. More and more people will recommend your service and will be glad to be associated with your business.

3. Your organization stays ahead of new developments –

Being on the go throughout the day will also keep you ahead of your competitors in the market. Your teams will have fresh information which others will get the next day or may be later.

When you’ve got a team that is spread across multiple time zones you’ve got everything covered. These include information within your industry (mergers, acquisitions, product launches); political news (elections, civic unrest, new laws, and regulations); and local news. This helps them take advance actions to avoid critical shutdowns or downtime issues.

Conclusion –

Besides cutting the cost of operations, tools and equipment required to manage in-house employees, hiring remote employees is a great move in many other ways. We at WebBee provide the most qualified and experienced workers on latest technologies

Advantages Of Hiring Virtual Workers From WebBee:

  1. Professionally qualified and experienced employees with in-depth knowledge about e-commerce, latest development techniques and trends in the market.
  2. We spend on training our employees on the required skill set before placing with our clients on their project.
  3. We keep buffer resource for urgent requirements so that you don’t have to wait during critical times.
  4. Our remote employees are a part of our team and work on flexible hours as per the project needs. They are available for support as well whenever required.
  5. Cost-effective and budget friendly plans for small and medium enterprises.

Think no further and start hiring remote employees for your projects with us and get the best talent available with no geographical barriers.
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