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Why WebBee Connector is #1 NetSuite-BigCommerce Integration App?

A high performing NetSuite-BigCommerce integrator, WebBee connector speeds up the business process by fostering the transaction between the BigStore storefront and NetSuite ERP resulting into improved profit margins and ROI (Return on Investment). Some of its exceptional business advantages helps an organization to move faster.

Fosters an automated data transaction environment to overcome the existing data redundancies and to move fast.

Real-time integration without hampering the usual workflow within an organization even for the shortest time-frame.

Integrated with the most advanced technology for an assured substantive improvement in ROI over time.

Inculcated with the features for valuable operational advantage to nearly any scale of enterprise.

Auto correction of reporting inaccuracies resolving the company’s stove-piped inventory management system into a flow.

An amiable solution preventing threats to operations and making a positive impacts on the bottom line.

Featured with solutions to make enterprise reporting and inventory more effectively and streamlined.

Seamlessly integrates and modifies the legacy system that is an integral part of a company culture.

The most cost effective on the shelf for BigCommerce-NetSuite integration with the advanced automation features offered.

An easy to use simplified solution with an interactive and self- driven dashboard for most of the features.

Advanced state-of-the-art integration features enabling an error free automated data transaction between applications

WebBee connector for NetSuite and BigCommerce integration are powered with the exceptional features of timely order fulfillment, accurate product availability and other rich features for the efficient and smooth working of a business between both the systems.

Error Free Integration

Post integration the app ensures error free data processing due to the automation, completely, avoiding manual data entry.

Effective Order Management

Rich features transferring orders and customers from BigCommerce to NeSuite and vice versa supporting multiple currencies & payment methods.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Real-time syncing of shipping methods across BigCommerce & NetSuite for the shipment details like tracking, pick, pack, ship and notification

Payment & Billing

Several payment capture features for different events such as sale on BigCommerce or order fulfillment in NetSuite. Support available for multiple currencies & payment methods.

Management of Stock Levels

Adjustment and reporting of the under/overselling while synchronizing inventory levels between BigCommerce as well as NetSuite.

Catalogue Management

The management of product catalogue on different variables like pricing, images, name, description and other custom fields straight away from the NetSuite changes reflecting straight away on BigCommerce.

Easy to Deploy and Integrate

The most simple integration app to install and configure through a few easy steps by an automated process.

Refunds and Cancellation Management

Management of order cancellation and refunds straight away in NetSuite and the information displayed to the customers on the BigCommerce.

Easy and Simplified Dashboard

It is a simplified intuitive dashboard that easily gets integrated between systems as well as comprehensively monitor, manage and update the integration.

Customer Mapping Features

The app has various mapping features for the fields like customer details like name, address, custom fields, buying history, identifies repeat customer, customer overview & sync.

WebBee NetSuite -BigCommerce Connector Price & Packages

Features Basic Edition (14 Days Free Trial) Enterprise Edition
Import Customers from BigCommerce to NetSuite
Import Sales Orders from BigCommerce to NetSuite
Export Fulfillments from NetSuite to BigCommerce
Export Inventory Levels from NetSuite to BigCommerce
Export Items from NetSuite to BigCommerce
Export Billing Information from NetSuite to BigCommerce
Export Order Cancellations from NetSuite to BigCommerce
Export Refunds from NetSuite to BigCommerce
*Connect multiple BigCommerce stores to NetSuite
Monthly Subscription $300/month (After 15 Days) $300/month
One Time Setup Cost Zero Zero
Customization Charges Upon Services Required Upon Services Required
  Get Started Get Started

The Role of BigCommerce-NetSuite Integration in Aiding Businesses to Grow

A complete automated NetSuite-BigCommerce integration suite helps a business to move on to the trajectory of high performance and utilize their capacities to maximum business optimization. It is instrumental in overall business growth of an organization in a following manner.

Better Business Insights

The efficient and faster data flow helps a business to built a predictive sale plan for future business development across customer /planer activity.

Higher Return Rate

With improved data the client retention rates improve further increasing sales to the existing customers by 60-70%.

Increased Customer Loyalty

With customer still in the kitty due to the performance enhancement of data, the profit increases automatically by 5-95%.

Improved Customer Experience

The better data presentation in form of reach to a client for the events like order status, online membership renewals, loyalty, rewards point, etc.

Effective Marketing

With the better and organized information in access, it becomes easier to weave better and more effective marketing plan.

Better Planning

With the Cross- channel information in access a business can utilize the data to forecast the pipeline in a better way for scheduled procurement/manufacturing.

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About WebBee

WebBee as a solution provider have created a distinct niche in the field of ERP integration services since a decade. It has craved out an exceptional and unmatched expertise in the field and area of web store creation services and has offered in-depth customized solutions for an array of marketplaces and industries. Robust Net Suite Integrator App is an extension to its services where the app syncs inventories and orders between NetSuite and Shopify for a faster data processing. WebBee is committed to deliver high quality, business-driven, cost-effective and long-term business solutions.

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