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Challenges we faced in the past -

Arklu was looking for a solution in NetSuite and Shopify to supply user-friendly experience hence they approached WebBee Global. There were dealing with various issues such as -

  • Inaccuracy in stock list, product information, customers data, etc.
  • Improper visibility of client buying history and purchasing behavior
  • No timely delivery and order fulfillment
  • Inventory was not centralized across warehouse hence challenging to manage.

WebBee Global properly analyzed the Arklu challenges and formed an app that resolved all the issues and aids the company in developing its enterprise strategies.

About Arklu

Arklu is a young and award-winning Irish toy company that sells the entire range of Lottie™ dolls and accessories. The company was incorporated in the year 2012 by Ian Harkin and Lucie Follett and based in Letterkenny, Ireland. Lottie dolls are a series of dolls which are mainly created by Arklu Ltd. “Be, Bold, Be Brave, Be You” reflects the aim of the company to provide childlike dolls that encourage kids to be kids. Since its inception, Lottie™ has won nine awards in the USA and UK.

Arklu’s Vision & Mission

The main vision of Arklu is to develop a range of dolls that empower children and encourage them to be imaginative and adventurous. The company strongly believes that childhood is an inclusive place where every child belongs regardless of gender, ability, and ethnicity.

Main Highlights -

  • Encourage participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics
  • Address positive body image awareness
  • Highlight the consequence of bullying
  • Promote reading interest amongst kids
  • Boost gender equality
  • Encourage kids to achieve their goals
  • Inspire kids to get outdoors and keep healthy
  • Have crowd-sourced child inspired product at the core of development

How WebBee’s Robust NetSuite Integrator helped Arklu?

The impressive App Integration Solution provided by WebBee Global helped Arklu a lot. The Robust NetSuite Integrator automatized the transactions between Shopify web store and NetSuite. Furthermore, the Robust NetSuite Integrator helped Arklu in getting precise order details, shopper information, and other valuable data across various systems. NetSuite Shopify Connector enabled British toy company to sync products. Moreover, WebBee App Integration assisted Arklu to track the development of orders from NetSuite to Shopify.

Besides this, WebBee Easy to Install Connector assisted Arklu to transfer orders to NetSuite appropriately. The App Integration Solution is surefooted to map order Shipping from NetSuite to Shopify. Now, Arklu is focusing on their enterprise without worrying about anything.

Major Benefits of using Robust NetSuite Integrator -

  • WebBee NetSuite to Shopify integrator offers unsophisticated pricing model which is free from hidden charges.
  • Robust NetSuite Integrator is trustworthy for streamlining fulfillment and supply fabulous customer service.
  • Assists the company to get 360-degree visibility into buyer purchasing history, purchasing behavior, etc.
  • No need to worry about faulty orders, merchandise, product data, and customer details.

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