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WebBee Global Amazon ERP Integration

WebBee Global Amazon ERP Integration

Experience a real-time optimized business performance

Commenced in 2008, WebBee Global amazon integrator is one of the most trusted global e-retailer Integrator.We flawlessly Integrate customized ERP system and Amazon via designing a business-specific virtual single platform.

With the best of both the worlds, we offer the best in class real-time inventory management services via synchronizing retailers store products in ERP with amazon.

Our system is sufficiently capable of tracking users account, 24/7. Saving time and money, our connecting dashboards capably brings all your Amazon information into your ERP account. Retailers can focus on core business more effectively with automatic synchronization of ERP account and Amazon store.

Potential Features

  • Cart Abandonment: With the potential feature of triggered automated email campaigns, retailers can re-market the shoppers who abandon their cart in real time.
  • Seamless Integration: Tightly coupled seamless integration between Amazon merchant accounts and ERP software brings synchronized results.
  • Integration of the Marketplaces: Integrate, manage and optimize merchandise sales across several online channels, with a single inventory feed.
  • Merchant e-Solutions: Based on customer experiences using consistent behavioral profiling and predictive technology, the e-solution for the merchant can always be customized.
  • Execute Payment with ease: Simplify routine domestic and international payment operations, fraud management, and merchant accounts services. An integrated credit card processing solution mapping a merchant account with a payment gateway.

Add-On Capabilities

1. Complements ERP system with a feature-rich e-commerce platform inclusive of:

  • Image zoom-in,
  • Multiple ship-to addresses,
  • exciting features.
  • One-page checkout,
  • Product reviews,
  • Wish lists,
  • Optimization for mobile devices,
  • Layered/faceted navigation for product filtering, and several other

2. Support order de-duplication, discounts, order variance reporting, shipping methods, promotions, bulk product uploads, payment methods, matrix items, and kit items in ERP system. We provide necessary customization and integration, taking each merchant as a unique entity, customizing the business-specific solution.

In case you are already are An ERP client or planning to purchase an ERP software, WebBee Global is your one-stop shop for ERP integration with Amazon. We look ahead to expand, optimize and simplify your business!


  • Scale Business
  • Single point process automation
  • Real-time Item & Inventory Export, dashboard analytics
  • Automatic sync of customer data and payment invoices
  • Sync Orders, Customers & Fulfillment, Shipping methods across Amazon and ERP system
  • Provide markup cost for various shopping engines
  • Advanced plugin and connector
  • Easy navigation and granular level item category mapping
  • Import and export product with custom/store category
  • Track stock levels and pricing
  • Download Categories/Shipping with status message
  • Control over all aspects of business, such as Product Management, Inventory,
  • Shipping, Orders, and Tracking Etc.
  • High database security with dashboard hosted on Amazon Server with bank-level
  • encryption
  • Holistically smarter view for better strategic financial decisions
  • Hassle free, uninterrupted service via a SaaS subscription model.
  • Low-cost, subscription fee
  • Lifetime free technical support and software updates
  • Minimizes deployment time via using turnkey integration solutions


Product & Inventory Sync

  • Update product information from ERP System to Amazon
  • Update inventory status from multiple locations
  • Support all Amazon Product Categories

Sales Order Sync

  • Transfer order, customer, and other info from Amazon to ERP System
  • Support FBA, MFN, and order cancellations
  • Determines repeat customers

Settlement Amazon Re-pricer

  • Allows merchant to be in ‘Buy Box’ most of the time
  • Push new price back to ERP report reconciliation
  • Puts best selling price for the product

Shipping Details Sync

  • Transfer shipping data to Amazon
  • Support partial fulfillment
  • Sync shipping methods across both system

Unified stock levels

  • Manage a unified stock levels throughout all existing Amazon marketplace
  • Neither undersell nor oversell

Products and variations

  • Single unified interface
  • Publish product listings to Amazon marketplace
  • Manage variations, products, pricing, categories, images & other attributes

Refunds & Cancellations

  • Monitors & keep track of cancellations, refunding in ERP system in real-time
  • Gives a best-in- class customer service experience

Payment & Invoicing

  • Enhances billing and accounting
  • Automatic cash sales generation and invoices in ERP software

Settlement report reconciliation

  • Automatic reconciliation of fees and payments from marketplaces
  • Reconciled automatic consolidate journal entry in ERP

Single Point Real-Time Operations

  • Access, validate and make instant informed decisions, with all information available any time at a single point.

Error Elimination

  • Minimizes errors with automated data entry system, products, pricing, orders, shipping, etc.


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