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“See things in the present, even if they are in the future.”
— Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle

WebBee Parthership Programs for longstanding business ROI and profits

Let’s reap the collaborative dividends of working together…
WebBee technology and business partners are those companies/individuals that are seeking for robust eCommerce integration, customization and automations service and product offering fortheir enterprise clients. Depending upon a partner’s requirement whether to actively work collaboratively sharing WebBee’s product resources & media libraries for services or be a simplere seller of WebBee technologies. Whatever, partnership you are opting to get into with WebBee, we are keenly looking forward to hear from you!

How will you get benefitted from having apartnership contract with WebBee?

In addition to sharing a common mutual technology platform youwill have an immense opportunity of sharing revenue andenjoying marketing benefits while working with WebBee. You willable to facilitate your customers with best-in-class technology andbe able to earn a part of revenue from that. Further, WebBee willsupport your marketing efforts with co-branded case studies,whitepapers, SEO, and partner rewards. The benefits of WeBBeepartnership program as follow.

  • Using WebBee resources and set of services across comprehensive technology platform a partners can easily develop client specific solutions
  • Can increase revenue by the medium of extending services to the existing clients.
  • With a collaborative approach high value process based solutions can be deployed instantly for faster ROI.
  • Free of cost product and market training, competitive analysis and Q&A’s
  • A comprehensive partner manager program to enhance skills for driving and closing leads.
  • Access to WebBee resources and media libraries in addition to real time tracking visibility.
  • Marketing assistance in form of custom customer/ prospect landing pages to beat the competition.
  • Provision of commission on initial sales and renewals.

WebBee Partnership Opportunities

Our Mutual WebBee Partnership programs are not restricted to a single area, however, are offered in following areas:-
Our referral programs is uniquely devised for the e-commerce specialist, logistics providers and consultants working across different nationalities and looking for WebBee services to match their esteemed client’s data integration and process based automation needs. On account of deep knowledge on e-Commerce integration, a referral partner introduces WebBee to its existing client or prospect. WebBee takes care of all the solution based requirement of on behalf of valued referral partner on transactional basis and return of commission.
WebBee offer solution provider partnership to those companies and individuals that have strong capability in application implementation in the area of process integration and automation. WebBee believes them to sell and implement of some of its service and app based products. A solution provider partner is provided with product and sales knowledge to ease them to communicate and implement them with prospects as well as existing customers. They can develop ongoing revenue stream around WebBee best product and services.
This form of partnership is offered to enterprise customers and developers that use WebBee product and services and constantly on search of devices and integrations to reach to the extended levels of customer satisfaction. With the help of WebBee product and services they can further market their solution to enterprise customers looking for one system integration platform. A technology partner further receives and easy access to development tools, runtimes and test environments on a reduced cost.
This model is especially for independent IT professional who faces queries from clients on a regular basis. If you are getting those queries which are outside from your professional domain, WebBee Global is here to help you out. Once you partner with us, you need not worry about technical aspects. Just pass on the project to WebBee Global and get ready to earn huge profits.
Who exactly could be our partners?
On the basis of above described partnership models technology companies at the different stages of process or their specific client requirements and integration need can sign up with WeBee for partnership according to their convenience.
1 eCommerce Companies :
The companies offering eCommerce development services including web store development on platforms like bigcommerce, shopify and others employs WebBee integration platform and apps for process automation for inventory, order management and other processes.
2 Marketplaces :
Professional and communities offering customization and development services at marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and marketplace itself for an integration and automation specific requirement can signup with for WebBee for their process based customer requirement.
3 ERP Consultants :
ERP consultants specifically NetSuite Alliance partners and solution providers are the most natural candidate for WebBee partnership programs. They can easily avail our NetSuite specific apps and integrations
4 Web-store Providers :
Webstore service providers like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and others for their integration based requirement for order management, inventory and other process based tasks.
5 3 PL (Third Party Logistics Company) :
WebBee partnership is advantageous for 3PL companies to integrate their supply chain management functions like tracking and shipping for specific client requirements.
6 Integration Companies & Consultants :
The companies offering a wide range of integration service signs up partnership with WebBee for any specific integration services and apps not offered by them.
Some of Our Strategic eCommerce Partners
Below are listed some of our important strategic partner with whom and for we offer integration, automation and customization based services.
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