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About Us

Started in 2005, WebBee Global is an authorized, trusted and listed partner of Amazon, e-Bay, WooCommerce, Shopify, Big Commerce, and Magento, providing cloud empowered customized solutions.

Our Story

WebBee is the brain child of two entrepreneurs, Neera Jain and Himani Jain, commenced in 2005 at the JSSATE-STEP as a start-up incubator with MSME (Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) aided funding.

The WebBee’s experienced expertise resources and technological brilliance is presently governed under the leadership of Abhishek Jain, CEO, who took the initiative to lead the company to become the front runners, transforming e-commerce organizations at very tender age.

We are providing a flawless ERP integration services since a decade. Our expert web store creation services and in-depth customized solution are capable of connecting a wide range of marketplaces and industries. WebBee's expert team deliver complete support in managing end-to-end e-commerce business operations with unmatched dedication.

The operational proficiency on Web Store Management, from Inventory Management to Order Management and from MAP monitoring to predictive analytics has been instrumental in WebBee's growth.

In a short span of time, we have grown from a single entrepreneurial unit to setting multiple offices across India and Australia, with the corporate office at NCR Delhi.

Our ERP enabled solutions to manage core business operations on a unifying platform, inclusive of E-Commerce, Accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

We are committed to delivering high quality, business-driven, cost-effective and long-term solutions. We work along with our clients as strategic partners in context to develop and understand technology driven business initiatives. Our focused efforts maximize customer’s return on investment.

Our award winning solutions focuses mainly on the optimized integrated business performances, for a wide range of industries. We incubate customized solution by tailoring business-specific technological integrator.

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Amazon Integrations
Shopify App Developer
Shopify Web &
App Development
BigCommerce app integrations
BigCommerce Web &
App Development
Magento developer
UI/UX developer
Woocommerce developer
Market place integrations
Digital Marketing services

Fulfillment Shopify

Fulfillment BigCommerce

NetSuite Integrator


What We Offer

  • We are working 9 hours per day and 5 days a week
  • Cost effective and flexibile hiring plans as per your connivance
  • On Time Services
  • 6 plus years experienced developers
  • Single desk contact for all kind of grievances and communications
  • Dedicated team of developers
  • Quality assurance delivery
  • Adequate Support & Maintenance
Hire developer at $20-$50 per hour

Our Vision

Aiming towards a proactive company. Our global presence, to accelerates business continuity. WebBee Global is a business enabler that intuitively streamlines the business processes and operations by, extracting optimized business outcomes with incubated and self-regulated smart-customized-solutions. For the domestic and international customers ultimately encouraging global trade platform.

Our Mission

Providing the best in integration services. Creating a unifying collaborating platform that fulfills business and customer needs, where stakeholders are able to communicate effectively in pursuit of instant integration with the availability of the real-time information.

Teams At WebBee

The team excels in acquiring and implementing technical knowledge

Work towards enhancement of our products every day

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We work on both Native and Hybrid Apps

Expertise in developing application for iOS, Android, and windows

Take the customer requirements into consideration.

Our developers give you the best you can hope for.

Equipped with product knowledge, our team designs the product to match client’s business requirements

Customize it an update it regularly as their business grows

At par with the best in the industry

Experience in all eTrading platforms

Pro in integrating Shopify, Magento, eBay, WordPress & BigCommerce with ERP

Customize it to your liking.

Our USP lies in tailoring

Tailor the best products to suit our customers.

Works on customization of products to align with client’s demands.

Works on stand-alone projects for new products and services developed in Java

Always up for new challenges and complicated features

Cater to small as well as large ongoing projects

Engagement Model

We tend to keep things simple and uncomplicated with a flexible Engagement Framework for all our customers. Our Engagement Model clearly defines how clients can collaborate with us for our products and services. We work through two models and have kept them very transparent to best engage our clients. Clients can choose between the two as per their requirements and nature of business.

It is one of the most important model between Client and Company for IT services, both of the parties share responsibilities,commitments and obligations.Engagement Model as the name itself suggests that it involves both the parties and they are in constant touch with each other, it builds trust and a WIN/WIN approach for both of the parties.

Engagement Model engages IT company and its clients, it allows client to be in regular touch and get daily updates.It is best suited for techno based requirements.

Engagement Model of our products and services

Fixed Rate

The scope of the project decides the timelines and the pricing for the entire work. We Start by engaging with the client to understand their requirements and scope. This gives us a fair idea about the timelines of the project and number of resources required for successful completion of the project. A dedicated team is deployed for the project with expertise in development, integration, and customization to give a ready-to-use service or product to our customers.

fixed rate


This model is best suited for those clients who has several different projects and needs a long time for completion. The scope of work plays an important role here as well to provide uninterrupted service for a month on month basis.New work can be easily incorporated into the ongoing project and prices will be added accordingly. Both the models work on transparency and complete sign off by the client. Delivery of quality product with near zero defects is what we aim for. Get in touch with us to understand in detail the engagement framework and what works best for your business.

Integrate | Customize | Automate

– Our e-commerce industry-ready services integrate, automate, and collaborate online real-time information.

– Our novelty lies in our methodology which enables businesses to reach out to all possible marketplaces with a cutting-edge integrated e-technologies.

– Enriched with 20 years of combined expertise, WebBee Global experiences that e-commerce shoppers are more interested in a platform that is more than just a utility. And businesses wants to scale up to target the untapped customers at a low cost. Converging both the needs, our cohesive collaboration with the customers and the business partners ensures the complete understanding of the e-commerce agile requirements.

– Our blend of e-commerce solutions follows value-added approach, that helps your business to compete up front in physical and virtual markets.

– We consistently strive for high-quality, reliable, robust, user-friendly, and scalable solutions inclusive of:

– Our potent team of qualified developers and consultants, proficient in connecting technologies provide services inclusive of consultation, planning, deployment, and execution of customization, maintenance, and development.

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Unique Value Proposition

– WebBee Global is experienced in outsourcing integrated customized software development with the single control panel for all marketplaces.

– We propose to deliver best of breed solutions to our consumers at low costs.

– Our profound technical expertise deployed onsite, offsite and offshore accelerates the business process. And this mobilizes the right resources, with the right skills and at the right time, delivering business outcomes at affordable budget.

– With a multifaceted approach of ERP Applications and other related technologies, we team up with clients, to resolve complex business processes.

– Our collaborative value-driven approach, maximizes the business performances, and results in an implementation that is more integrated connecting different marketplaces, ERPs, and CRMs.

– Our customers get to harness the potentials of enterprise business applications with the integration capabilities of WebBee Global.

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Led under the visionary guidance of Abhishek Jain, the CEO of WebBee Global, all teams at WebBee are focused on the use of latest technologies to improve customer experience by doing it right the first time. Abhishek comes with an experience spanning a decade and a half in product and software development. He is active in managing the operations and has the vision to make WebBee the chosen one for all kinds of businesses for integration and customization.

Abhishek Jain CEO of WebBee Global Abhishek Jain CEO of WebBee Global Linkedin

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